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Smackz 11-13-2012 03:53 PM

Not a Fair Ban
Before you start reading, I'd really appreciate if you throw away whatever bias you've come in with and be as fair as you can. Please don't flame me.

Without further ado, my case is below as well as facts I've laid out to alleviate the time you spend searching for and thinking about relevant dialogue.
__________________________________________________ _______________________

__________________________________________________ _______________________
Game #1:
Ahri [All] [00:00:14] report ryze
Ahri [All] [00:00:15] he mad
Ryze [All] [00:00:20] report ahru
Ryze [All] [00:00:22] she mad

-Despite this idiot's failure to understand I was first pick, and that she should've chose another role (she could've easily; I checked her ranked stats), I only repeated what she said to me and didn't go any further.

Reported by: Ally
"Trolled in pre game.. *****ed when the game started.. made our mid go top and ruined the whole game..."

-I didn't troll pre-game
-I didn't ***** when the game started
-I didn't make our mid go top; she decided to go top on her own. cautious of my elo, I would've went top if she hadn't positioned herself towards top at the start of the game.
-I didn't ruin the whole game; I tried my best and lost, doing so.

Ezreal [00:01:41] dont suck like u did at mid
Ryze [00:02:05] i was 11-1 last gam
Ezreal [00:02:09] nobody gives a ****
Ezreal [00:02:11] scrub
Ryze [00:02:11] why are you crying
Taric [00:02:12] i dont give a **** what you wer last game

I merely defended myself from attacks, and I ended up getting banned.
__________________________________________________ _______________________
Game #2

Reported by: Ally
"autolocks as 4th pick, is unreasonable."

-I told my team I could only mid and top. I made it very clear to them and even showed them my lolking stats to prove it; I really didn't want to have a double mid or top and I didn't want to feed in another role. If anyone was being unreasonable, It was Zyra and Diana; they didn't give me a second thought and locked right away.

Reported by: Ally
"No idea what the summ. Code is whatsoever. Just a overall rude player."

- I do understand the summoners code

Akali [00:12:35] this diana..
Akali [00:12:42] if we lose
Akali [00:12:44] i b;lame her

- I admit, I was "rude" then. She probably didn't close her game on purpose; I was experiencing random crashes around that time too.

Diana [00:01:29] i'll jungle since akali is being uncooperative

- Diana jungle is actually viable. It's like a lee sin that wants mid when nobody else is capable of jungling. I didn't want to lose the game, so I didn't jungle and we won.
__________________________________________________ _______________________
Game #3

Reported by: Ally

-1 report

Akali [00:03:11] nice

- I showed my teammate that I appreciated the help.

Akali [00:03:33] WOW
Zyra [00:05:21] gj

-Shaco ganked me right afterwards, and it sort of just came out.
-Zyra mocking me for the hundredth time since pre-game lobby.

Akali [00:15:50] i should've just went mid
Akali [00:15:56] regardless of this ****** (zyra)

I honestly shouldn't have used such crude language. I probably wouldn't have if she
hadn't been a jerk to me all game and pre-game.

Zyra [00:16:00] lol
Zyra [00:16:02] you picked akali
Zyra [00:16:03] vs
Zyra [00:16:05] darius
Zyra [00:16:06] lolol

Zyra [00:16:15] lol dont play ranked then
Akali [00:16:19] stfu *****
Tristana[00:16:25] lol
Akali [00:16:27] muted

-When somebody says "lol" then says that i'm bad over and over, it's so aggravating to me. She was being so unreasonable and downright stupid in queue. Now that she began to purposely provoke me, I was really pissed, because not only is she pinning the clear loss on me, but she's also calling me bad and laughing at my face.

-I immediately muted her after that because I knew she would continue flaming and aggravating me if I didn't and because I really didn't want to get in an argument; I was already mad enough that Darius was kicking my ass and didn't want her to escalate it.

Zyra [00:16:33] reported

-In my eyes, she purposely nudged me until I got pissed so she could report me on that one sentence. That is not fair at all; clearly, this report was completely biased.

__________________________________________________ _______________________

In conclusion, the things I did shouldn't have gotten me banned for two weeks. I tried my best to win in every game. Not once did I intentionally choose a champion is smite of my team. I tried my best to avoid escalating conflict that already began. I was reported one time in Game #3 on an unfair bias against me. I do admit, I was somewhat harsh on a few remarks but kept it toned down as much as I could allow myself to at the time.

Please don't comment with a bias against me like I usually see on this forum. I'm a genuine guy, and would really appreciate a fair review of my case.

Thank you for your time.

KineticSkink 11-13-2012 03:57 PM

I got to
Ryze [00:03:24] can't believe that ****** lived

and would have clicked punish.

OG Night Shade 11-13-2012 03:59 PM

you got banned for this? lol that sucks

Shearchaos 11-13-2012 04:01 PM

Congratulations on your completely justified ban.

Smackz 11-13-2012 04:01 PM


Originally Posted by KineticSkink (Hozzászólás 31379912)
I got to
Ryze [00:03:24] can't believe that ****** lived

and would have clicked punish.

It probably would've offended somebody if I said it in all chat; I wasn't directing that comment to any of my teammates.

lNapoleon 11-13-2012 04:04 PM

meh, don't think thats ban worthy.

Tsugaga 11-13-2012 04:08 PM

I don't think you get banned for 2 weeks your first time being punished, you must have been warned or banned before. I would have punished your case due to your offensive language, the outcome is riots decision though. I believe they use stats to help determine your punishment. Remember that a lot more than those 3 games went into their decision.

norips 11-13-2012 04:08 PM

lool wtf tribunal

Ladayen 11-13-2012 04:10 PM

game 1 and 3 instant punish.

Also you should be competent at all roles even if they are not your best. If you cant play a role thats your problem and you shouldn't make it your teams. I would expect you to take the dodge penalty then.

Smackz 11-13-2012 04:12 PM

Thanks for all the feedback and opinions, guys. :)

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