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Ryugi Kazamaru 11-13-2012 01:36 AM

Judge Selection - Zed
The shadow ninja is poised to strike, so, you know what that means. Time to select judges for the auditions!

As per the guidelines I created here (if you haven't read it yet, I suggest you do), judges will need to be selected for the upcoming Zed Champion Auditions. This thread will be for selecting judges that will preside over the auditions in the case that the community votes alone can not select a clear and valid winner of the competition. Judges will also run the auditions and set forth the means by which the people auditioning will present their portrayal of Zed.

In this thread, people will make suggestions for, and or offer their services as, judges. Once we have a list of Judge Candidates, another thread will be made with a Public Poll so that votes can be cast to select judges. No less than 3, and no more than 5 judges will be selected. Each person is allowed 2 votes. One primary, and one secondary. NO MULTIPLE VOTES WILL BE ALLOWED. That counts for smurfs too, folks...seriously.

Regardless, please toss up your selections, or offer your services, here.

NOTE: Remember that being a judge is based on your ability to judge who can most accurately portray the personality of the champion in question. It isn't necessarily about writing ability of the applicants, but the personality they will portray to the community. Keep this in mind before you decide to nominate yourself or others.

Addendum: It has come to my attention that people are learning who owns the Champion Smurfs before they have a chance to post their auditions. I would ask ANYONE who wants to audition for Zed to PLEASE KEEP YOUR INTEREST A SECRET, AND TO NOT TELL ANYONE WHO YOU ARE. This is to eliminate favoritism and bias in the voting process, and will make everything much more fair. Thank you in advance!

Judge Candidates
Ryugi Kazamaru "Kaz"
Ask the Herald
Ask Irie
Ask the Tempest
Ask the Shadow
Ask Shenn

Ryugi Kazamaru 11-13-2012 01:37 AM

Obviously volunteering myself again.

Iron Ambássador 11-13-2012 01:46 AM

Since I want to vote on stuff for once, and don't feel comfy doing it while a judge candidate, I'll pass this time. Good luck to all candidates :P

Ask the Herald 11-13-2012 02:00 AM

As always, I offer myself as a candidate for judging.

Ryugi Kazamaru 11-13-2012 02:08 AM


Ask the Herald 11-13-2012 02:16 AM

So.....When exactly is Zed supposed to be released?

Paltala 11-13-2012 02:27 AM

I'm up for judging.

Ask Irie 11-13-2012 04:07 AM

I like ninjas. So sure why not, toss my name into the hat.

Geokhan 11-13-2012 04:38 AM

I'm willing to help.

AskPantheon 11-13-2012 05:36 AM

I'm not overly constrained by time now, so I figure I'll offer my services as a judge.

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