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Imprerial Xyienc 11-12-2012 02:01 PM

Reported and banned for non offensive language.
Darius [All] [00:02:42] JUKED
Darius [All] [00:14:24] darius ur getting lucky
Darius [All] [00:14:31] no lol
Annie [All] [00:14:34] Yes.
Darius [All] [00:14:34] yes
Darius [All] [00:14:43] no you just fail
Darius [All] [00:14:50] says the ace off the bat
Darius [All] [00:14:53] GG kiddo
Darius [All] [00:15:39] wtf longest stun ever annie lol
Annie [All] [00:15:49] buttmad
Darius [All] [00:16:13] run kid
Talon [All] [00:16:22] and you shut up :D
Darius [All] [00:16:24] yeah you noob if i run
Talon [All] [00:16:39] between both of us your the kid for not respecting your oponent :3
Darius [All] [00:16:41] yah noob that i know ur there
Darius [All] [00:16:53] talon u ownd u
Darius [All] [00:16:56] i*
Talon [All] [00:17:05] and you can still show me respect
Darius [All] [00:17:10] hahah NOPE
Talon [All] [00:17:16] then you suck
Darius [All] [00:17:19] respect on a game
Darius [All] [00:17:22] ur a joke
Darius [All] [00:17:30] yeah you noob
Talon [All] [00:17:40] im not a joke at least i repect ani
Talon [All] [00:18:08] and sivir
Talon [All] [00:18:15] even if you killed me
Darius [All] [00:18:20] shut up
Annie [All] [00:18:26] I've been playing annie for a little over 2 days l0l
Talon [All] [00:18:36] your mad becauz im owning you about you not being a real good player ?
Darius [All] [00:18:37] fail
Darius [All] [00:18:43] im owning ur team 1v3
Darius [All] [00:18:47] im best there ever was
Talon [All] [00:19:00] still show respect
Darius [All] [00:19:57] ownd
Darius [All] [00:20:15] you said i run you run to noob
Darius [All] [00:20:28] flash use it
Annie [All] [00:20:34] Get outplayed by a little girl.
Darius [All] [00:20:35] it a run noob
Darius [All] [00:20:41] I WIN
Talon [All] [00:20:47] well the little girl is faster then me :3
Annie [All] [00:20:56] no I'm just smarter.
Annie [All] [00:21:04] Took a faster path
Talon [All] [00:21:11] true
Talon [All] [00:21:27] you stol;e the words from my mouth annie your a good oponent ^^
Darius [All] [00:21:54] just because annie stun if you die
Annie [All] [00:22:01] lol
Annie [All] [00:22:05] wasnt the stun that made us win
Annie [All] [00:22:08] I didn't even use tibbers
Darius [All] [00:22:10] u wont kill me
Darius [All] [00:22:12] ever again
Talon [All] [00:22:20] no need for tibbers to stun :3
Annie [All] [00:22:30] l2annie
Annie [All] [00:22:57] The stun works with tibbers
Annie [All] [00:23:00] turns it into an aoe stun.
Talon [All] [00:23:05] yes
Talon [All] [00:23:14] but you can stun with every spells
Annie [All] [00:23:19] Waste.
Darius [All] [00:26:29] RUN KIDS RUN
Darius [All] [00:26:32] u know its GG
Darius [All] [00:26:35] ok baby
Talon [All] [00:26:42] its 2v3
Darius [All] [00:26:48] ITS GAME good game guys
Talon [All] [00:26:51] wont fight in those sirconstenses
Darius [All] [00:26:59] u lose 3v3 too
Talon [All] [00:27:10] yeah cauz kat sucks <.<
Darius [All] [00:27:13] yeop
Darius [All] [00:28:05] nice try but nope
Darius [All] [00:29:59] SIT
Darius [All] [00:30:14] yeah you use surprise attack that not for pro playuer your starter player
Annie [All] [00:30:20] LMAO
Darius [All] [00:30:25] but u ran to us, thanks for kill
Annie [All] [00:30:29] You're ****ing retarded.
Annie [All] [00:30:33] This is a strategy game.
Darius [All] [00:30:49] no lol that why you start in lol
Annie [All] [00:30:59] You're bad.
Darius [All] [00:31:07] you're bad lol
Annie [All] [00:31:09] This is a god damn strategy game. Do you even know what game this is based on?
Darius [All] [00:31:13] 12-8..? BAD
Talon [All] [00:31:28] he is 12 8
Darius [All] [00:31:33] thats bad
Annie [All] [00:31:39] as darius thats totally ****
Talon [All] [00:31:44] nope he as more kill then you
Annie [All] [00:31:48] L
Annie [All] [00:31:49] O
Annie [All] [00:31:51] L
Darius [All] [00:31:57] his Ratio is worse then mine hahahah
Annie [All] [00:32:03] You're 1-6 kid.
Darius [All] [00:32:04] u must not be out of highschool to do math?
Darius [All] [00:32:14] fail children
Talon [All] [00:32:27] ook bro what with the insults really ?
Darius [All] [00:32:35] stop talking when u graduate let me know
Talon [All] [00:32:48] what with the insults ?
Sivir [All] [00:32:55] i enjoy ur guys company xD
Darius [All] [00:32:56] graduate then let me know
Talon [All] [00:33:04] i think im a ---% more mature then you are to insult other people
Darius [All] [00:33:17] i insult others cus im the alpha male.. deal with it kiddo
Sivir [All] [00:33:28] no hes not
Sivir [All] [00:33:36] Sivir number 1
Annie [All] [00:33:45] I'm the Alpha Annie. Deal with it.
Darius [All] [00:33:49] i said alpha male not alpha nerd duh
Talon [All] [00:34:01] nobody is the alpha were maybe animals but we have a civilisation
Darius [All] [00:34:11] stop talking
Annie [All] [00:34:20] Humans are animals too.
Talon [All] [00:34:24] nope i wont i love to botter you
Annie [All] [00:34:26] We just aren't savage.. for the most part.
Talon [All] [00:34:31] i sayd we are animals
Talon [All] [00:35:14] gg
Darius [All] [00:35:17] failures
Annie [All] [00:35:18] gg bads
Darius [All] [00:35:19] youtube ur chamos
Darius [All] [00:35:20] gg cheat omg
Annie [All] [00:35:25] cheat? what

YOU SEE WHAT RIOT BASES THEIR PENALTYS OFF OF? I didnt even use a cuss word just stating facts and i get banned for 3 days. im done with riot games and ima be sure to let everyone know how bad of a support team they really have. They dont even read what happens before punishing you. how pathetic that a team can make a game free and suck so bad at finding out the truth. FAILURES

aouron 11-14-2012 05:41 AM

FYI ban for offensive language are decided by lvl 30 players in the tribunal....

Calderweiss 11-14-2012 06:51 AM

Hey, guess what dude? I'm a member of tribunal and can help you out. you can get punished for being a wad to other people, not necessarily if you just use cuss words You were pretty rude to the other players. Whether or not you cussed, your attitude is still bad. Did you get a reform card? Even if you are reported for offensive language, and never cussed, it is probably because you hurt that person's feeling or was being really discouraging. We at tribunal may still decide to punish you if you were doing something bad, even if it was for a different reason then what you were reported for. Being rude and insulting other people actually does affect gameplay.

Your attitude itself is what needs to be controlled, not just whether or not you were using profanity. Hope that helps you understand your situation.

MissBetwixt 11-14-2012 07:00 AM

See I would have hit punish if I got this in the tribunal. Admittedly I'm not high enough level to vote in it yet but your using "non offensive language" in very offensive way. Didn't your momma ever teach you it's not what you it's how you say it. You can hurt just as many peoples feeling using plain English as you can with offensive language.

Also don't spam the BUG REPORT forum with posts about Tribunal bans. There is a Tribunal forum and a support team you could send a ticket to.

Further more the use of "noob' goes against the summoners code. As does, and I quote, "i insult others cus im the alpha male.. deal with it kiddo." Putting down team mates no only leads to a bad game for everyone but also warnings, time bans and possibly prema-bans for toxic play.

Versedian 11-14-2012 09:52 AM


Darius [All] [00:33:17] i insult others cus im the alpha male.. deal with it kiddo
That line pretty much sums it up;


Insult -
InĚsult   [v. in-suhlt; n. in-suhlt]
verb (used with object)
1. to treat or speak to insolently or with contemptuous rudeness; affront.
2. to affect as an affront; offend or demean.
3. Archaic . to attack; assault.
You admit to insulting; in the definition it means to offend or demean; thus the reason you got reported for offensive language.


+1 Tribunal

Alkavas 11-15-2012 07:13 AM

Less time talking ****, more time not losing games. I would have punished you, too, because you're an obnoxious little tool.

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