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Dear Luxanna 11-12-2012 09:19 AM

The Shyvana joining the League Party! (Crownguard estate, open RP)
Lux couldn't believe she had forgotten. The first of this month, last year, Shyvana officially joined the League of Legends! Lux decided that a party should be thrown to celebrate. She would show Shyvana that she was appreciated as a Demacian, and that people were proud of her mastery over her true form. Lux would make sure of it.

The party took place in Lux's manor, within the breathtaking Crownguard Estate. Three manors were built here, though the Crownguard family manor and Garen's manor were not participating. Lux had decorated her whole main floor for the occasion, with pictures of Shyvana, paintings of dragons, still images of Shyvana doing various epic (and bloody) things on the Fields of Justice, and so on. One picture depicted Shyvana taking Lux's head clean off with a gauntlet slash. Perhaps it said something of Lux's mental state that this picture didn't bother her, and that she had it blown up to four feet across to hang in the entrance hall.

"Owie~." Lux cooed, admiring it.

Lux had sent invitations to everyone she could think of, even the Noxians, assuming they were allowed in Demacia at all. We'd see who would show up!

Xander Blade 11-12-2012 09:26 AM

Nevin was walking into the estate. after taking some time admiring the estate, he finally came upon lux. "good day to you Lady Crownguard. I know i wasn't exactly invited, but Shyvana helped me out. Being here is the least i could do."
he smiled at her then looking around the rooftops
"nice place. I had a place like this once. It was not as big though."

Dojel 11-12-2012 09:46 AM

Well Alastor, here we are
Dojel promised Alastor he'd go... not to provoke anyone, not for business, but because Alastor was being persistant about taking time off... He didn't know if he himself was invited or not, but multiple invitations had been in his hands atleast once. Dojel decides to startle the guards at the entrance and jumps infront of them, landing in a kneeling position
Hope I'm not late.
He simply said

Dear Luxanna 11-12-2012 09:59 AM

"Stop bothering the guards, you!" Lux yelled out the window, grinning. "Just come in!"

She laughed, and looked at Nevin.

"Thank you." She said happily. "My family had this place built when I was in training. It was my gift for graduating and becoming an active member of the military. It's... really way too much house, though." She smiled awkwardly. "Anyway, get comfortable! Shyvana should be here soon~."

Lux already had tables of all kinds of food laid out and ready.

Dojel 11-12-2012 10:18 AM

Was said with a lot of exageration.
Dojel then walked inside, looked around, witnessed the feats, and went to Lux and asked

Where am I supposed to hang my coat and hat in this small fortress?

Xander Blade 11-12-2012 10:27 AM

"Sounds good."
he simply decided to grab a handful of chips and find a chair in the corner as per his usual until something happens.

Ask Fizz 11-12-2012 10:29 AM

((...but mine is in 3 days ;-; ))

Dear Luxanna 11-12-2012 10:45 AM

(Sorry, Lux barely knows Fizz. xD)

Lux giggled wildly at her manor being called a fortress. With a grin, she took the coat and hat.

"I'll put them in the mudroom." Lux said, opening a door.

The 'mudroom' was bigger than some houses, and decorated finer. There was room enough for the coats and hats of a small army. Lux happily put the coat and hat in their place, and rejoined the main room.

AskÉlise 11-12-2012 10:46 AM

Elise decided she should get.. to know everyone, at least mingle a tad. She strolled up to the gates of Lux's manor, dressed in her Death Blossom attire, mainly because she knew how much her spider self freaked Lux out.. however, if things went the way she planned, she may prank Lux a time or two~. The guards were wary of the Spider Queen, but given Lux's order, and the fact Lux could defend herself, they stepped aside and allowed her entrance. Elise strolled inside, looking a the various pictures of the Half Dragon.. admiring her prowess.. taking note of the one where she was decapitating Lux, giving a slight smile. She walked over to Lux and smile, giving a slight bow to the Demacian woman before speaking. "My my.. the Half Dragon is a powerful person~" Elise mused, nodding back to the picture.

Iron Ambássador 11-12-2012 11:04 AM

((Yay, another event that my time zone makes me miss half of! ))

Not being much for formalities outside her work, Poppy strolls up to the manor in her usual armor. Whomper is strung across her back as she walks to the door. She nods at the guards and walks in, a pair of Yordle guards from the Embassy following her until they meet up with the guards at the gate and start talking to them about Demacia and Bandle City.

Once inside, Poppy takes a glance around. She was not surprised to see assorted summoners and other unknown people around. The public was always awfully curious about the champions and their lives... like watching them fight to the death on the Fields was not enough.

She then turns her gaze to Elise, wondering about the Spider Queen's presence. She was not the kind of guest Poppy had been expecting to see here, and she walks over to her and Lux.

"Greetings Lady Luxanna. And Elise... I was not exactly expecting to see you at an event such as this. What brings you here?"

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