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abrodyr 11-11-2012 09:52 PM

37 Year Old ... just had my first kiss with another Guy.
There's a co-worker of mine that I've had a crush on for about 2 years now. I've been hiding the fact that I am homosexual by acting tough and talking with a deep voice.

One day, my co-worker did something extraordinary that made my heart flutter. Just as we finished work, I slipped over the forklift's padding and I almost fell on the ground, but then he saved me with his arms. I felt his huge biceps as he hugged me tightly and asked me "You aight bro" I said yes I'm fine I think you got something on your shoulder, when he looked away for a bit to check on his shoulder,

I quickly forced a kiss on his lips and forced my tongue into his mouth, and then he pushed me away and punched me in the face and kicked my nads about 4 to 5 times. As he continued to kick me, he kept calling me harsh names "u fukin f4g" and whatnot.

I thought he also liked me because he was always nice to me, and my heart is completely torn apart after the whole incident.

Please, I need advice on what to do next. I really would appreciate any input. I am crying right now and I am so depressed. I don't even feel like going to work anymore :(

xX69x420x1337Xx 11-11-2012 09:52 PM


FamilyoftheYear 11-11-2012 09:54 PM


GalactusMultiV 11-11-2012 09:54 PM

So lol'd

MadSeer 11-11-2012 09:54 PM

That can't be serious...I hope it's not because it made me laugh, and if it was serious I'd feel bad about it.

c0ltron 11-11-2012 09:55 PM

Video game forums are probably not the best place to talk about this kind of thing.

I hope you are able to work out whatever and move on with your life though.

abrodyr 11-11-2012 09:55 PM


Originally Posted by TB Family (Hozzászólás 31302395)

Could you please tell me what's wrong with being gay?

I was born this way, I can't help it.

AGNENDRA 11-11-2012 09:55 PM

tl;dr no one cares fake post lal nuub

Shiny Swinub 11-11-2012 09:56 PM

I'm sorry, man. If I were you, I'd just get over it. Life goes on, there are more fish in the sea- and that phrase applies to every person, not just homosexuals.
Don't expect any pity on this board. 12 year olds tend to think homosexuality is a joke. They have no feelings or concept of sexuality or the human mind.

Admiral Knox 11-11-2012 09:56 PM

Man, you're coming off way too strong! Relax, sit back, and ask him out for coffee next time.

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