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radajin 11-10-2012 12:55 PM

Just a suggestion
Hey, i know this has probably been discussed time and time again. but i feel there should be a seperation of champion balance for dom, TT, and SR. I play all three pretty frequently and i just feel that you guys are only balancing for SR, and that the other modes just have to adapt around SR changes. What if you seperated the three?
Lets take master yi for example, as AD currently in dominion unless they have alot of CC he kinda just mows the grass. on SR, its much more diffcult champion to play. But you can't increase his SR viability without him becomeing a monster on dom or TT. I only listed him because he is my favorite champion, but i feel i can't play him due to his viability.
Another fun idea, What if the champions had new spells and abilities for the different game modes? like maybe heimer dinger's turrets instead become one massive cannon. or anivia's wall becomes a pool of dmging ice. (just some examples) it would allow you to balance the two seperatly, since it would almost be like having 2 different versions of the same champion (much like bloodthirster and sanguin blade)
Lastly, i think it would bring a more competative play to dominion. i've herd alot of people say why they dislike dominion and its because some champions overshine there, because they arn't balanced for dom, just SR. and some champions have no place, because they are balanced for SR and not dom. This can be said for TT alot of people know how unbalanced some of the champs were on the old TT and the new one is going to be just as difficult eventually. So why not seperate all three, and have the champions function differently on each battle field? it would only make since, and it'd be like playing three games instead of one.
I'm sure the items and the "buffs" for the maps help bring alot of balance in line. but i feel it could be better. and i think people would enjoy seeing there favorite champs with some new tricks.

naotasan 11-10-2012 01:36 PM

AD yi gets smashed in Dominion...
AP yi is a good counter pick for certain champions bottom lane though.

A better example would be... Kassadin. Useless in SR, Unstoppable in Dominion.

urmamasllama 11-10-2012 02:00 PM

Its been stated multiple times it wont happen and with good reason

radajin 11-10-2012 02:45 PM

could u link one of the state times? i'd like to see what riot thinks if this is the case

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