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Astral Cardbox 11-09-2012 06:03 PM

"Sandbox" Play-mode
[I'm not sure if this is the right place for this Thread, in case I have misplaced it, please by so kind to request it moved]

Hello, my name is Cardbox and I've though of an idea that (I believe) could really help LoL evolve. As the title implies, this idea is a "sandbox" play-mode.

"Sandbox" would allow a certain player (I will call him Game Master or GM) control over a lot of aspects of the match that would otherwise not be accessible. Things such as starting level, starting HP, spells cool-downs, minions initial attack, creeps starting spawn time, etc, etc, etc.
Some of this would be configured BEFORE the match beings, while others (such as ammount of gold) could be modified on the run.

While this may sound silly at first, there are many benefits for this concept.

First of all, it would allow players test certain mid-game/late-game stuff (like late-game builds or jungling routes) that would require unnecessary early-game/mid-game playing to test otherwise.
Also it would allow practicing more your weak points if you linger at mid-game/late-game, which is always usefull.

But over everything else, it would allow experimentation. Experimentation is great for MANY reasons. It helps people discover better feedback (not only saying "Warwick makes too much damage" but "Warwick can be perfectly played with a 10% attack speed reduction") and it allows them to come up with new concepts for new game modes.

Let's never forget that MOBAs were born out of experimentation with Warcraft 3.
(As examples we also have Counter-strike, Team Fortress, etc.)

Jegalo 11-10-2012 06:51 PM

This is an amazing idea! My brother was just talking to me today about how this kind of thing would be great, and I think it should be implemented into the game.

Zhente 11-13-2012 10:42 AM

There is the Proving Grounds, which you and a friend can just farm forever to test out certain builds....
But I like your idea a bit more, I'd like to see what items can work, against different champs, against different builds and the like.

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