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Lagbane 11-09-2012 06:03 PM

Describe your typical singed build...
First, are you playing competitively? if so, what's your ranked elo?

Do you build him straight tank? AP carry? Something in between?



Stat priorities?

Typical final item build?

NukedWhale 11-09-2012 11:49 PM

First, No and Low. But my win rate with him is very high.

Runes: MPEN, Armor, Magic Resist, Move Speed

Masteries: I think I'm 0/21/9

Summoner Spells: Ghost and Ignite.

I play his as an obnoxious, pushing, overextending, hard to kill pain in the butt.
I almost always win my lane.

Mana crystal + 2 health potions
Catalyst - Free heal and mana on leveling up
Core item 1: ROA
Core item 2: Boots 3
Core item 3: FON

Now it starts to get more situational
Need more MR? Get Banshee Veil
Having issues with auto attack champions: Get Thornmail
Not feeling threatened by enemy champs: Get Rylais (Might be core item #4, but it depends on timing)
Want more armor and dissuade enemy champs from attacking you?: Get GA

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