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ca Aesor 11-08-2012 09:07 PM

Absolute Zero Gaming, Now Recruiting! (New Community)
Hey guys, Absolute Zero Gaming is a newly formed gaming community that welcomes all skill levels gamers, We accept all with open arms. We currently have a 50 slot teamspeak server and a website that is in progress. At the moment we are focusing on filling up our teamspeak server with many-a-gamers to socialize and game with each other.
We support many games on the PC and are always looking for more members to join our community and team.

We here at Absolute Zero do understand there are a number amount of people that take vulgar language serious, so we do have the channels that have a "Chat filter" that does not allow people to swear or curse (Clean Room), and we there are those people who talk about everything thats listed as mature content (Mature 18+ Room). We have channels that are used for other games, preferably games that most people play, which is the Random Gaming Lobby, we have the "Peace & Solitude Channel" this channel is usually used for people that are in ranked (if playing LoL) and dont wanna be bothered by other people. Lastly, there are the regular general chat lobbies (Social Lobby), Where people come on say hi and just chat. :]

We Also Do Community Game Nights DAILY!!
10 Man Community ARAMs
10 Man Inhouse
10 Man Ultimate Bravery Inhouse
All Random One Lane Protect The Captain
REMINDER : We are also accepting ranked teams to join our community as well!
We Also Accept Guilds Merging From Other Games To Join Us As Well! (WoW, Sc2,Dota,Etc.)
What We Do Support Now
League of Legends
Sudden Attack
Guild Wars 2
The West
Our TEAMSPEAK3 Information :
Our INGAME CHAT on League of Legends is : Absolute Zero
Our Website : http://www.absolutezerogaming.com/
Our Forums : http://www.absolutezerogaming.com/forum
Our Chat Box : http://www.absolutezerogaming.com/chat (Supervised Daily By Gosu Korea)

How To Join On Our Site : Register > Recruitment > Fill Out The Application > Submit It.
Our Staff Will Look At The Applications. ILL TRY TO GET BACK TO THEM ASAP!
If you have any questions
Message any one of our admins on Teamspeak 3

KaisarAQ (Eastern Standard Time) (Teamspeak)

Hbl gls (Pacific Standard Time (LoL&Teamspeak) (Preferably Teamspeak)


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