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2dvh 10-05-2010 01:54 PM

Do your best shurelia voice
Here's mine.

PS:I'm a dude.

Both voices

Sinnen 10-05-2010 01:54 PM

What the **** O_O

lazyd00d 10-05-2010 01:55 PM

Cannot unhear!

Liquidone 10-05-2010 01:55 PM

I stopped clicking links in threads about Shurelia a long time ago.

RHINO Mk II 10-05-2010 01:56 PM

Oh wow. Not bad at all. Now do Nasus.

Twisted 10-05-2010 01:56 PM

lady gaga falling down some stairs singing and landing on a pane of glass that is extra loud.

threelite 10-05-2010 01:56 PM

That was scaringly accurate

Leirkov 10-05-2010 01:56 PM

What the f-

Vante 10-05-2010 01:56 PM


Whowhatwhere 10-05-2010 01:56 PM

inb4 Shurelia

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