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FOODFOOD 11-08-2012 06:22 AM

Reworked Item to Reduce Revive's Cooldown

Check it out. Eleisa's Miracle tentative rework.

Originally Posted by Xypherous
Tentative Stats (In Testing)

Eleisa's Miracle (1175 Gold)
+10 Health per 5 seconds
+15 Mana per 5 seconds
Removed Tenacity
Unique Passive - Aid: Your Heal, Clairvoyance and Revive cooldowns are reduced by 20%
Unique Passive: If you gain 3 levels while holding Eleisa's Miracle, you gain 10 HP/5, 15 MP/5 and the Aid Passive permanently and the item disappears from your inventory.

Hopefully it'll be interesting on Dominion/Murderbridge and Supports - while also indirectly giving supports an extra item slot to work with. It's probably terrible but something I wanted to try.

Tempestphile 11-08-2012 06:57 AM

Get new E - Miracle

Proceed to AFK for 3 levels


But god, the possiblity, 1175 gold is a lot early game, but after you revived the first time, is this item necessary until your revive goes back on CD, since 20% reduction does not reduce the current cooldown, but only on future uses

FOODFOOD 11-08-2012 07:01 AM

I personally think it's counter-intuitive and a bit of a trap, like Disco said in Xyph's thread. People will just buy it right before they revive.

I don't think they should port it over to Dominion, personally. It just leaves too much room to be abused with so many unknown variables. It's clear by some of the things Xypherous said ("Eleisa's Miracle is already a decent buy in Dominion") that he really doesn't play the game mode enough to know what's going on.

I'd like to see RiotNome & Vesh's stance on it, since they seem to be the only Rioters that still play this mode.

(Also, sorry Stormfallen, I made my thread like 30 seconds before yours XD)

konfetarius 11-08-2012 07:10 AM


Yes - I am concerned somewhat about it being too good on Dominion where Eleisa's Miracle was already a decent buy on Dominion.

On topic, I only see bot laners using this one, if even (INFEED CV NUNU!!!). Top is already gold starved as it is.

FOODFOOD 11-08-2012 07:14 AM


Originally Posted by konfetarius (Hozzászólás 31183677)

On topic, I only see bot laners using this one, if even. Top is already gold starved as it is.

I lol'd at that too.

And yes, only bot would probably use this, and it won't really fit on anyone except maybe Nunu. Even that would be silly on him. It just doesn't fit anything.... It goes beyond "niche" to just plain dumb.

urmamasllama 11-08-2012 07:22 AM

this item is gonna be problematic if the revive bit stays i like the CV bit though

konfetarius 11-08-2012 07:22 AM

Slotless mana regen and the CV buff are the tempting parts IMO. The revive buff doesn't do as much.

You get a revive at the windmill fight (about 2-3 ish minute mark), you then get a revive at 11-12 minute mark, then a revive at 20-21 minute mark. The new item is most practically for getting an additional revive at the second revive to score a 25 minute mark revive, which could swing the game in your favor.... but that requires some spectacular game reading and prediction on your part.

I mean, you are subtracting 20% of your earned gold by that point if you buy this. How will that affect your snowball and ability to drag game out to 25 minute mark?

Also, smart revive use is staggered, not all at once. Since you are getting this item because you want to drag the game out to very very late game, you might be presumably getting your ass kicked. So what happens if some of your opponents save their revives and screw up the timing to negate your "omg I have revive and you don't!" surprise?

I mean, it can win the game either as a late game come back or early game dominance insurance mechanism (like, if you are winning hard early but they are going to outscale you, being able to just end the game if the reversal occurs when they have 50 points left could be a sweet strategic decision), but it's a big ass gamble.

Tasao 11-08-2012 09:16 AM

I'm mixed on this idea.
On one hand it might let winners of top and bottom snowball a bit if they rush the Miracle before having to use their first Revive. But it might also encourage smarter Revive use. People might not blow it so often despite their fight being a lost cost, just because the CD is up. (Happens in every pub game.)

This might encourage people to take a closer look at whether or not their Revive could win or protect a point rather than being wasted just because it's up.

BeefJerkyHunter 11-08-2012 09:23 AM

I would consider buying this item. Rather low cost of entry for some bonus stats.

DiscworldDeath 11-08-2012 09:30 AM


As I posted in the other thread, likely a trap.

Assuming you don't have it for your first revive, you need a game to last over 24-25 mins and revive each time it comes off of CD to be able to use it once more with this. Having revive a bit earlier isn't that important, because moments you want to revive come up all the time, it's mostly about having an additional revive.

I think often you'd die, buy it, hit revive, then sell it, and that's all you need to do. If you get to use another revive from it, good for you, if not, then you only lost the re-sell money. No real reason to keep it.
There was another thread on this already.

It's a trap item, you shouldn't really get it, or get it and sell it. Can't promise a game will be over 24-25 minutes long, after all.

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