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The Lakers 11-07-2012 06:23 PM

Riot Needs to Fix AD Carries.
Let's not get into the numbers of each AD carry. That's not even the point anymore. I'm so tired of seeing Corki, Graves or Ezreal in ranked/tournament play. There are so many other AD carries: Vayne, Ashe, Miss Fortune, Sivir, Kog'maw, etc.
New AD carries offer too much burst early to mid game that it isnt even fair to those late game scaling AD carries because they can do NOTHING about it. And its not even that these burst AD carries scale badly into late game. They scale a little bit less, if not as well. And considering that they got a couple kills because of their amazing burst, they will scale even better.
Nerfing Graves, Ezreal and Corki does nothing. They offer everything; burst, an escape and insane DPS late-game. Even if you nerf them to be as weak as the less sought after ADs they will still offer more.
This honestly needs to be brought to Riot's attention. They constantly say they want a more diverse range for champions and not everyone picking the same champions over and over. My solution? Buff those "new" AD carries or make those other AD carries offer less burst and more DPS or more burst and far less DPS.

Aeternum 11-07-2012 07:03 PM

Just . . . before we start using the term "new" everywhere, Corki was an original champ, and Ezreal is old enough to basically be original. Graves is the only new-ish champ that you're talking about here.


Hirumonogatari 11-07-2012 07:09 PM

the key thing about these ad carries and what makes them popular isn't the burst. burst is good but then everyone would be playing aps rather than ads.

what makes them stand out (in my opinion) is their instant repositioning abilities. it's common knowledge that positioning is the key to any good AD carry. most other AD carries only have flash as their repositioning tool. when you play ez, graves or corki you essentially have a flash on a 10-second cooldown, which is invaluable in many situations.

get caught? get out. teamfight? chase down the guy that's low.

if tristana's abilities scaled with ad instead of ap, i'd wager that she'd see a lot more play as well.

Thorston13 11-07-2012 09:29 PM

I kinda agree with CSZHUNG up there, and yes Tristana has to many AP ratios for an ADC as well as miss f i think.
And btw Vayne is an awesome ADC, you maybe don't see her a lot cause she has this huge learning curve, but, there are other champs that would actually benefit from a little buff or popularity, but it's all about the hype.

Graves, Corki and Ez are there not only for burst (if you go for burst go for Varus, kog, Vayne) but because of the scape mechanism and the traits each offer: Ez has the long range with no need to buy crit % items and a AS buff/debuff. Corki has that 6 second poke and the true damage and Graves is one of the tankiest adc because his passive is just really great.

I would love to see a Draven player on a tourney, but, his playstyle is really hard to pull off on a match the smallest detail counts pretty big, you need to catch that axe, and if you're good, axes.
Kog needs alot of positioning and early game farm without being harassed.
Vayne needs the farm, but, the ability to know how to engage, you need to be able to react, predict and kill in a second.
Varus is mostly practice iguess, stacking up his w and setting up either E o Q.
Sivir needs alot of mana management and the only moment its likely to see her would be against ez or corki to use that shield and block ez's q or corki's R, and stuff like that.
Ashe has no real escape and you need those smart choices.
Trist needs to get those AP ratios out and turn em into AD so she can scale well and be a more viable pick.
Teemo adc needs to be stopped being picked as adc by trolls and be picked by people that can actually pulled it off.

That's my opinion at least. =]

FaerellG 11-07-2012 11:02 PM

Sivir pwns...she does when I play her at least :D

As for counters. Ezreal actually is good for spamming through sivir's shield, and Corki's Q has no animation, making it difficult to block and his E is unblockable. Blocking that R is sort of pointless once he's nuked you with the other two.

Varus and Cait are the easiest to leech mana off of. Graves is pretty easy too.

To beat Corki and Ez, you have to be very good about landing your BB.

As for Burst, Sivir's burst rivals that of Graves' and outclasses everyone else. She's an absolute boss and the only reason more people don't play her is because of her short AA range. Most AD players are just too uncomfortable with it.

PogoPogoPogoPogo 11-07-2012 11:30 PM

Sivir is a really good counter for Caitlyn, I found out tonight. Makes Caitlyn traps relatively pointless. All it does is trade mana from Cait to Sivir.

FaerellG 11-07-2012 11:46 PM

I call them mana potions.

If you ever are on skype with me. You'll hear my scream "Lipton Iced Tea!" every time I spell shield something important like a Blitz grab or a Darius/Cho/Garren ulti.

Cause it's refreshing :D

Directw 11-07-2012 11:58 PM

if you are talking about burst damage, Sivir has highest burst damage to "non moving" target, and she is one of the oldest ADC in game.

Back to the topic

Those three champions are so often picked not just because of their burst, but also their ability to escape/chase. This advantage makes them popular. The fact is that not everything in game will go as you expect and even the most dedicated and skilled player WILL make mistake in game. When the unexpecte/mistake happenes, what can you do to minimize the lose?

Timolde 11-08-2012 12:50 AM


Originally Posted by Directw (Hozzászólás 31179605)
if you are talking about burst damage, Sivir has highest burst damage to "non moving" target, and she is one of the oldest ADC in game.

Uh... no she doesn't. I think maybe a very small percentage of the time she is, but that's only in very extreme circumstances.It doesn't really apply to Graves who can close a gap really easily and be close enough to keep auto attacking you immediately after.

Warrrrax 11-08-2012 07:20 AM

The repositioning is so important because it allows two major things:
a) Escape from enemy ganks, which are common.
b) Take advantage of any temporary situation. Say Alistar knocks up and headbutts into a wall, or your jungler ganks.
An Ez,Corki,eGraves can instantly respond and move into position and unload decent bursty damage for a kill. An Ashe will just have to run there, effectively out of the fight. Ditto with most ADCs. The ashe also has no burst damage so when an advantage is gained, she cant do much more than get in an autoattack or two.
Compared to graves who can Shotgun,Smokescreen and use his AS-boosted autoattack.
But as mentioned earlier, the BURST is irrelevant if you cant even GET THERE! Burst on graves,corki,ez is gravy... its mobility that is the most important.

A lot of ADCs suck too. Look at Miss Fortune. Her make it rain AoE is AP based! WTF? Its useless endgame. Double up sucks too, costing mana basically just for an attack-resetter. Doesnt even have a 100% AD ratio!
Draven is a pain in the ass, trying to catch his dumb axes while last hitting, dodging Ez snipes, blitz grabs, jungle ganks, and coordinating with your supoort. Ugh. No thx.
Tristana is awkward with her stupid AP scaling and her crappy crappy range. Pushing the lane with her explosive shot doesn't exactly help and she can't even turn it off! A redesign to make her AP AND AD scaling would help a lot, as would making the explosive shot a toggle but unsure how one would do that.

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