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Death Korp 11-21-2009 03:56 PM

High ELO Nasus question.
So I am looking for some help with high ELO play Nasus. The only guide for him I have seen on here is the life steal nasus. I personally found he is too squishy and a single disable can ruin his game.

I noticed that many of the top players claim Nasus is an amazing hero. Are these players jungling? laning? skills they grab? I have been grabbing his snare pretty early on for assisting with ganks. What gear are players using? I saw one who jungled without ever making a madreds.

Now that we have runes what runes do you go as well? I am currently running a crit chance armor pen set up.

If you play Nasus or have seen other high end players do well with him and have something you can comment on I would love to hear it. I know I have the skill to do well and my opponents in the bracket are not chock full of feeders. So things like "if they are stupid you can get such and such" do not work. I want to hear some top end Nasus pointers while versing other top end players.

Khajeh 11-21-2009 04:52 PM


I am no pro but I have played a lot of Nasus and am decent. Often I dominate and am top killer. Last night i was something like 22/2/10. But my games are mid ELO.

Anyway, here is what i have found. Nasus is a great lane farmer and jungler. I usually go with ghost and cleanse as my summoner skills. They save me and get a lot of kills. A ghosted Nasus in God form is awesome, and when the stun you you cleanse and continue to kill.

As for runes, I like crit and ability cooldown and armor, but armor pen is cool too.

Masteries 21/0/9 always.

Items: I often go for a quick madreds so I can hit the jungle and let my freind solo another lane.
IF there is already a jungler I just go right for my core items.

For boots I love the boots of mobility - great for getting around and ganking, especially if you are jungling a lot. Which you should do whenever possible. Crazy easy with the natrual lifesteal.
IF I am tanking or they have a lot of snares and stuns, I go for the mercurty treads.

Most important item is Trinity force hands down. IT has an amazing synergy with Nasus. Your alpha strike is scary.
Then if I am going dps I love Infinity edge and last whisper.
For survivabilty I go either warmogs, banshees, or frozen heart depending on the enemy teams builds.

A typical endgame for me looks like: Boots, Trinity, Warmogs, Infinity, last whisper, banshees - if I get that far.

If you cant consistently keep the golem buff on you; you might have mana issues. I'd recomend go an early catalyst for the mana and the lvl mana, then late game build it into banshees veil. Or you can go with soul shroud or chalice, but I hate taking a slot for mana when it's so easy for Nasus to golem.

As for abilities, I always max spirit fire and ultimate whenever possible. I get one point in siphon strike and then max the slow. At the end I will get teh last 4 points on siphon.

I hope that helps. Good luck and have fun with Nasus. HE is a BEAST.

kijik 11-21-2009 05:51 PM

Well, I'm top 500, looking at top 100 soon, I play with a lot of the top players, and, I personally like to build nasus like Khajeh, but from my experience the top players uild him as tank due to his ult giving him huge damage as is, running tabi/mercuries>a couple hearts of gold> aegis of the legion> warmogs> banshees> warden's mail things of that nature.

sorry I can't go too indepth on it but dont have the time atm :P

toomad 11-21-2009 05:59 PM

This is my experience on high elo Nasus.

maxing spirit fire early = lot's of minions kills and good pushing power.

Besides that, don't max siphoning strike before maxing his other abilities.

or simply a priority list of his spells: ultimate, spirit fire, slow, strike. (though you should get rank 1 siphoning strike as soon as you can last hit in your lane without getting harassed/nuked to hell)

Your laning partner should be able to harass the enemy, preferably with a stun or snare to maximize the effect of your spirit fire. If that works, you can power up SS (siphoning strike). If you get harassed, sit it out until spirit fire's level is high enough to really make a difference in a push and gain gold with it.

Items: trinity force is indeed a great item for him. You should get some defenses too as you will probably be a high priority target thanks to your ultimate. Last whisper is another great item that has nice synergy (IAS helps SS and ulti and autoattacks ofc) but you should focus on the defense first. Last whisper is more like a tank cracker with good synergy for him.

Other than that, hey you are high elo, figure it out. I don't even know if this helped.

Death Korp 11-21-2009 06:02 PM

Interesting. My item build I have been going has been Madreds-boots-starks-sheen-tri force.

I have seen a nasus go something like boots-starks-sheen-tri-aegis.

I have had a couple games where I go something like 18-3-** But I felt like the build could be improved upon.

Nyx 11-21-2009 09:24 PM

The first thing when playing nasus is that he both a viable dps and a viable tank. If you see allistar and rammus already on your team, chances are you need damage and should build something like sheen to starks. At the higher range of Elo you will mostly see him taking the role of a tank as melee dps are still for the most part too squish in the current metagame. Generally you're going to need to run at least 1 mana regen item (though now you could experiment with cutting that out and using mana regen runes).

Pre patch you would usually see either chalice/catalyst into aegis and generally mercury treads for boots. veil is always popular as is throwing in a heart of gold depending on what the game looks like.

for summoner skills it will depend on what your team needs. Nasus is one of those heros that doesn't live or die by his summoner skills like some do so he is a good hero to run the teams clairvoyance, rally, ect flash ghost and heal are always useful.

If you make it to high elo you'll see less and less teleport and for good reason - post laning it just isn't useful as you live or die by team fights so you'll be spending lots of time wandering around with your team.

WesleyC 11-21-2009 11:06 PM

Agree with Nyx. Most builds are one early mana item then at least a couple of tanking items. A lot of his damage comes from activating his Ult in the middle of a big team fight, so its important that he stays alive long enough for it to be effective.

WinterAyars 11-22-2009 02:19 PM

I'm not quite top 500 (keep playing with bad players), but i've used Nasus against top players and had success with him in the recent CA tournament also. I wrote a guide on him, which is too big and complicated to repeat here, but i can't promise it will help you against the very best.

Zine 11-22-2009 02:34 PM

I am a 1810 ELO player.
I really see Nasus as an ideal off-tank. He isn't great as a primary tank since he loses his viability when he gets focused/disabled. You are best off playing him when there is already a Malphite/Mummy on your team.

That being said, I like to build him as a DPS/Tank.
Chalice - Great mana regen and magic resist for cheap
Mercury Treads - You'll need these to get out of snares/disables.
Tri-Force - This has everything you need and is all you really need for DPS.
Sunfire - Makes you more of an AoE force and provides nice defense/health

If you get past here, Guardian Angel or Banshees' are both good choices.

As for play style...Nasus can do it all. He can hold a solo lane, he can gank or he can jungle. Do whatever makes the most sense for your team's build.

Meister 11-22-2009 03:05 PM

What runes/masteries do you use?

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