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7 Wordz 11-03-2012 06:09 PM

General Guide for Winning 3v3's
1. Always be doing something towards winning the game:
Whether you are farming in lane, or taking a platform, always be doing something. Spend as little time between lanes as possible, even when farming. Remember, the whole team has to win the game, not just you in your lane.

2. Awareness is the counter to bad play:
Anytime the enemy team tries to get an advantage, it can be countered by awareness. From ganks to platforms to towers, awareness can stop the enemy team getting any foothold in our base or lanes.

3. When in doubt, let us know:
Wondering where Garen went? Is no one in your lane? Seen Teemo in a while? Is Shen building something really strange? Then let us know! Even if you’re SURE you saw them going towards base, let everyone know about anything that seems odd, or weird. Could be nothing, but let’s not take that chance…

4. Remember the respawns:
This is crucial early game. Killing their entire team early game means little unless you act on it immediately. Especially in the first team fights, they will respawn in 8 seconds or less. This means that you have just enough time to take a platform before they’re back in full force. The worse thing we can do is ace their team, then stick around with low health, and let them return the favor.

5. Counters, counters, counters:
More than any other map, TT means that you must keep changing your build to counter theirs. Got lots of AD, and they load up on armor? Consider telling someone else to build AP, or stock up on Armor Pen. and durability. It may not be fun to sell that SB for a Sunfire, but may mean the difference between a win, and a loss.

6. Never go alone:
Want to farm jungle? Fine, but tell us you are farming, and have someone close by to bail you out if things get hairy. If this means only farming our side of jungle and having a teammate follow you in, then so be it. NO amount of farm is worth even ONE easy kill for the enemy team.

7. Don’t be a target:
So, you’re building some HEAVY damage on Lee Sin, and you can really wreck their team, but you die before you can really get in and do something. Why? Because you became a target. A target is someone who, fed or not, decides to be the first into battle. This means you put yourself in front of, not besides your team mates. Meaning you’re face just became a meatshield. Meaning you’re probably about to get wrecked. It’s called a teamfight for a reason. Either initiate with a lot of hard CC, or let someone else who can do it.

8. An eye for an eye isn’t always equal:
Lets say a team fight breaks out, and Singed gets pounded early on. He tries to leave, but Xin says “**** THAT” and dives him. Even if you get the kill, our Xin is most likely not worth their exceptionally bad Singed. Remember, if you dive, someone who wasn’t fed may get the kill and suddenly complete a BFT, which means they just got a lot scarier than you did with your one kill on a shut down Singed.

9. Platforms are worth more than you think:
Remember the early discussion on always doing something with your time? Platforms are the easiest way to do that. Lets do the math. One platform gives 80 gold to all players. That’s 240 gold for standing still for 8 seconds. Now then lets say our team keeps that platform for 2 minutes, and farms about 100 minions between the three of us. That’s an extra 400 gold. If it was their platform, and we have ours, then that’s also 400 gold they don’t get from farm.

10. An advantage means nothing if you don’t use it:
If you remember anything from this whole thing, remember this. An advantage weakens every second you aren’t doing something with it. This doesn’t mean farm in jungle while their dead. It means punch their teeth down their throat the second they pick themselves off the ground. Then do it again. I don’t care how far ahead we are, we need to push like we’re behind 10 kills, and 50 farm each. I don’t care how many turrets, buffs, or gold we have, the game isn’t over till we kill their Nexus. Not inhibitors, not nexus turret, but the Nexus. Until we win, we fight like caged animals. Are their carries shut down? Focus them anyway. Is top turret down? Push top until the minions hit their turret, then go bot and push there too. Do we have a gold advantage? Farm like you wont see another siege minion again.Don’t let them think for a second that they can come back and win. Because we wont give them the chance to. This game is ours, and no one can stop us from winning, but us. This is our biggest problem, but it an easy one to fix.

7 Wordz 11-04-2012 05:22 PM


Kitsune Senpai 11-05-2012 11:14 AM

Really great guide, I mean it may not have a ton of information seasoned veterans don't know, but there is something here I think just about anyone can learn from.

7 Wordz 11-05-2012 07:20 PM

Thank you, and yeah this guide was mainly made for informing new TT players on what will be expected on the new TT. It's also made to help those TT players who think they are always playing right, realize some of the basic things they can do to improve their TT gameplay.

7 Wordz 11-09-2012 10:43 PM


7 Wordz 06-30-2014 05:28 PM


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