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Zefie Marehoof 11-02-2012 03:37 PM

@Riot - Question on Shen's lore
I'm posting this on the assumption Zed's current lore is going to be the final lore for him. With the information given in Zed's biography will you be updating Shen's lore to reflect this new information?

It's a rather large part of Shen's history which at the current point has no reference to it (his father being killed by Zed and how his "heroic" actions helped to save students when Zed attacked).

Even Akali and Kennen to a point since Zed's lore mentions the downfall of the ninja order they belonged to or at least the physical building it resided in.

I feel like the ninjas, Shen mostly, should be updated to reflect the new information in their lore.

Kinvaras666 11-02-2012 03:45 PM

it doesn't really needs any changes, as Zed's lore itself tell about it.

You would just repeat the same thing.

For instance, they didn't change TF's lore when Graves was released, and it have more information about TF's experiment then his own lore does.

TF's lore doesn't even mentions a former partner but that's not really needed.

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