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Thainquill 11-01-2012 06:15 PM

Riot Really????
You guys ever had that day, where you get trolls, feeders or afk on your team? No big deal right the next day will be different. I have been playing LoL for some time but for some dam reason for the past (yes i do keep count i have a sticky note on my monitor) 14 days in a row i have lost EVERYGAME due too Afk, or kids who get their kicks from Feeding and going 0/6 With in 8 mins of a game. Does Riot hate me? I'm at my breaking point, i think i might take my money and time elsewhere. Does anyone else have this issue? (no im not bad i carry and have positive kill/death ratio) I can handle loosing sometimes, But for 14 days straight come on.. Too Fishy

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