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Blavik 11-01-2012 03:53 PM

Skins Tab/filter
So today I got to thinking, "How many skins do I currently possess?" Unfortunately for me I own all the current available champions and found out how hard it is to find which skins I own. Now if you think, "Why not look in the shop?" well the shop will display NOT OWNED or ALL, which doesn't help. Also skins you can no longer purchase will not be displayed in the shop (even if you own them). Lastly, in our summoner profiles, the only way to see your skins is by clicking each champion individually and scanning each one of the skins at a time... which is a pain when you own 106 champions.

So to get to my point, I was wondering why hasn't Riot created a skins tab/filter that shows OWNED skins? It seems to me like a good idea, I want to catch them all and seeing the ones I do have gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling of my conquest through League.

Now I do see why they would't want to make a OWNED filter. People may cry for days seeing how much they have spent but to me they are just weak pray for my next Rengar bushwhacking gank.

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