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Crabcakelegs 10-30-2012 11:36 AM

The problem with queues
I may be off-base here, but it seems like the same people that are declining or simply waiting until the time-out of the queues are rejoining the queue and doing it again. Even if this isn't the case, with an exponential growth in "trolls" these days, it would not be hard to imagine that someone will do this eventually if they have not already thought of it and are not already doing it.

My solution? If you dodge or decline a game there should be a 1 minute penalty where you are not allowed to join a new game. Let's face it, the queues for most game modes are simply not that long of a wait. If you are not ready to start a game, then you should not be joining the queue and then leaving your computer. I have moments where I've tried joining a game and the queue gets reset at least 6 times in a row because someone either declined or dodged the queue. It once took me 35 minutes to even start a ranked game because of people either dodging while we were in the actual champion select or dodging/declining queues left and right because there is no penalty.

The 1 minute penalty (or at least some time penalty) would discourage players (or trolls) from quickly re-entering a queue and then leaving just because they like to make other people's lives miserable because they don't have a life of their own.

:TL;DR I am suggesting a 1 minute time penalty for all the trolls that like to join queues and quickly leave them and rejoin them, because they are trolls and trolls should be punished.

Tengauge12 10-30-2012 12:33 PM

I agree, there may be some trolls... Although, trolling in this aspect is not a long drawn out process.. So, they will only do it a couple of times..

There are alot, and I mean alot of individuals such as yourself queuing up for games... Thousands.. It happens, where you're queuing up, and friends come on etc.. So, you dodge to play with them... Sometimes it does get as far as champion selection prior to the dodge..

In any case.. Such as the Ranked Queues.. Some people dodge in ranked games out of Champion selection based on the team, how their acting/picking... The ranked games are much more depending and serious... Quite frankly.. If you're having a well.. Very bad team, people will leave at the last second hoping their team will cooperate.. Finding that they don't.. They rather leave for a chance to get in a good game, rather than a game intentionally thrown before the game even starts...

I personally don't leave any queues, but once... But.. It's not like I am playing for money, yes sure.. Having all those bad teams I forced myself to play with because I decided not to dodge is my fault, but.. None the less it is just a game.. Letting your anger get to you will only render you more viable to getting more frustrated..

Devious Rogue 10-31-2012 03:17 AM

I think you should get a Grace, and after that, a 30 second penalty ("Hey, I'm watching you"), a 5 minute penalty ("Don't do this again") and finally, a longer Queue ban. The stacks are reset to 0 after an hour or a day or a good game or something

Tengauge12 10-31-2012 04:19 PM

Sounds ok, but... If you dodge a queue before Champion Selection... I don't think their should be any penalty for this given the such HIGH rate of people dodging because something comes up, friends come on.. There are million of different reasons... The only reason you have, and is are trolls...

So.. That is the only reason why I do not agree.. I apologize, but.. Keep coming up with ideas! =)

Qwerty Nightmare 10-31-2012 04:26 PM

I agree, when you decline a match, you probably have something to do, so the 1 minute won't affect you (or 30 sec enough).

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