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Doldram 10-28-2012 04:41 PM

Requirements for certain elo on a team
So I've been playing on a team with some IRL friends and we recently got gold. I haven't played on the team since it has been gold but I have won 5 games and it shows my profile as having 1530 3v3 elo. So does this mean that I will receive the season 3 rewards or do I need to play a game once the team is already above 1450.

Doldram 10-28-2012 04:44 PM


DJ Chrispy 10-28-2012 04:56 PM

You've played on the team and got gold, you won 5 games with the team and your profile shows 1530 3v3.

You will receive the s2 rewards because you already played 5 games with the team, AND ur top rating is already gold.

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