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Henry Plainview 10-27-2012 06:08 PM

Suggestions to improve the altars
I don't like the altars, and you probably don't either, but I doubt Riot is going to substantially change their mechanics, so we might as well give suggestions to improve them.

1) Unlock the altars at 5-10 minutes or immediately. Right now they unlock at this terrible awkward time where you are sitting around for the first 2 minutes doing nothing, and even if you jump on the enemy team and ace them (or maybe they ace you!) they will have respawned before you can cap it. They should either unlock right away so you can just lock your altar and move on, or unlock a significant period into the game so you can do some laning/ganking and then get to playing yakety sax around the altars. I'd prefer the latter, but I can't claim objective truth on this.

2) Increase the vision radius on held altars You will only see someone when they are already on it, and unless you're already right by it, they're going to cap it before you can get over there. So you're forced to hang around, which is terrible, or give up on them, which is also terrible. Substantially increasing the vision radius would give you some time to react. You could also increase the time it takes to capture them, but that would probably slow down the game too much.

3) Nerf the double altar bonus You've probably noticed that this map is the most unforgiving of all of LoL's maps, and the massive double altar buff is one of the primary reasons IMO it's nearly impossible to come back after the enemy team starts snowballing at 5 minutes.

4) Delete Teemo. This one is obvious.

Yago Xiten 10-27-2012 06:33 PM

Teemo's annoying.

The double altar bonus isn't that much stronger than the single one. The 10% damage boost barely makes a difference. It's the gold that does.

The other changes I agree with.

I believe I addressed them in my wall of text thread as well.

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