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cnick 10-27-2012 11:40 AM

LOL achievments
League of Legends should add in achievements to the game. Since ranked play is the really the only way in LOL to show your skill, they need to add something where you can play dominion,3 v 3, aram, etc....to show off your skill. With the addition to achievements you could play the game you like and still have a goal to work towards. With achievements, they could also give out rewards for them. Such as skins, IP boosts, banners, etc. This would add a cool aspect to the game that could give you something to work towards or even ways to compare achievement points with other players.

BergMeister 10-27-2012 12:11 PM

-reach the end of the game in aram without dying (must be active for the entire duration)
-Double Kill
-Triple Kill
-Quadra Kill
-Penta-Kill (unlocks summoner icon)
-Penta-Master (achieve 5 penta-kills) (unlock summoner Icon)
-Penta-God (achieve 10 penta-kills) (unlock summoner icon and theme)
-I've got enough whoop-ass for all of you (achieve 5 penta-kills on 5 different characters (icon)
-BEST PLAYER NA (achieve 10 penta-kills on 10 different characters (icon and theme)
-Riot Wacker (Beat a Rioter in any mode of a game)

Heres a few ideas [:

Lyria Eternal 10-27-2012 01:57 PM

-wards placed
-assists total
-solo baron
-clear jungle before level 7
-damage dealt
-healing done
-true damage dealt
-first bloods
-ksing (killing an enemy hero dealing > X amount of damage (determined from the number of damage sources 1-5))
-immortal (never die in a game)
-Acolyte/Journeyman/Adept/Master/Grand Master for killing sprees (10/20/30/X amount of them)
-Unstoppable Force (Kill an enemy on summoner platform)
-interupt X channels
-absorb X spells
-using certain summoner spells
-having X rune pages
-having full rune pages
-reaching level 20 and 30
-playing first Ranked game
-getting ranked in Elo
-for having high numbers in honor
-for winning the game with limited items
-for surrendering
-posting on forums

Etc, etc etc..

There are so many ways to go forwards with this, and I look forward to what they do.

Gradunk 10-27-2012 04:50 PM

damage dealt in one game
healing done in one game
super high ad
super high ap
25+ kills can be several
25+ assists...
giant ass crit strike maybe
why on earth would you get an achievement for surrendering?

EDIT: this is the wrong forum for this thread and i have actually made my own post for achievements in i think the general one? people said riot thought about it but decided against it so i doubt it's ever gonna happen.

BergMeister 10-27-2012 06:51 PM

the thing with this forum is that its often a lot better of a forum to get feedback and better attention. general chat is just a bermuda triangle. things go in, but get sunk and lost in the swarm of rage forums.

Wulffe 10-27-2012 09:48 PM

Okay. Give me a day or two and I can come up with a very detailed list based on categories and what can be achieved by doing certain things. I Really like this and, like Flames, definitely want to see what this thread brings.

Lyria Eternal 10-27-2012 09:53 PM

Surrendering is a stat many do not take into consideration. Using an achievement to keep track of such would give players a good idea of how often a person has lost in games. Negative achievements are still achievements and help keep track of toxic players. In fact such could be used in future Tribunals to increase accuracy.

Wulffe 10-27-2012 11:14 PM

Alrighty. So I got a jump on it cause I as bored and had many ideas rolling around. I'm proving what I have so far with actual suggestions and my little notes. I'll finish it some other time. Anywho, here you go.

League of Legends Achievements


Welcome to the League! - Level 1, received upon making an account.
Just Getting Started - Reached level 10.
Journeyman Summoner - Reached level 20.
It’s Been a Long, Hard Road - Reached level 30.
Lucky 7 - Unlocked 7 Rune Pages.
Put a Smile On - Received 25 friendly honorable mentions.
Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy - Received 50 honorable mentions.
Cheer Up, It’s Just a Game - Received 100 friendly honorable mentions.
Lean On Me - Received 25 helpful honorable mentions.
That Helping Hand - Received 50 helpful honorable mentions.
Are You My Conscience? - Received 100 helpful honorable mentions.
Us vs. The World - Received 25 teamwork honorable mentions.
Together Forever - Received 50 teamwork honorable mentions.
This Is How We Do It - Received 100 teamwork honorable mentions.
Good Sport - Received 25 honorable opponent mentions.
Win, Lose, Fair Play - Received 50 honorable opponent mentions.
Take a Bow, You Deserve It - Received 100 honorable opponent mentions.
I Won! - Won 1 match.
I Won Again! - Win 50 matches.
Look at Me Shine - Win 100 matches.
Victory or Bust - Win 500 matches.
Here Comes The Champ - Win 1000 matches.
Showin’ Off - Win 2000 matches.
Ouches - Lost 1 match.
Need a Band-Aid? - Lost 50 matches.
Please, Don’t Hit Me Again - Lost 100 matches.
Game Over - Lost 1000 matches.
All Men Forward, No Men Back - Lost 2000 matches.
I Concede! - Surrendered 1 match.
Knelt Before the Victor - Surrendered 50 matches.
Now That’s Just Embarrassing - Surrendered 100 matches.
Wavin’ That White Flag - Surrendered 1000 matches.
I Got Conquered in Runeterra - Surrendered 2000 matches.
First Blood - Received First Blood once.
I Caught Your Scent - Received 50 First Bloods.
Death Comes For You - Received 100 First Bloods.
I’m a Monster - Received 500 First Bloods.
Folded - Achieved 1 Ace.
Full House - Achieved 50 Aces.
Aces High - Achieved 100 Aces.
Rigged Deck - Achieved 500 Aces.

Summoner Spells

Those Summoner Spells? I Got ‘Em - Killed 50 people using summoner spells.
Going Berserk - Used Berserk 100 times
Poof! - Used Flash 100 times.
Come, My Minion - Used Promote 100 times.
Bubble, Bubble, Everywhere - Used Shield 100 times.
Let It Burn - Used Ignite 100 times.
Nothing Can Stop Me - Used Ghostwalk 100 times.
I Can See Clearly Now - Used Clairvoyance 100 times.
Cheated - Used Heal 100 times.
Got Mana? - Used Clarity 100 times.
I Shall Smite Thee - Used Smite 100 times.

In Game

It’s On - You Aced for your team.
Blood! BLOOD! - Achieved 10 kills.
Unquenchable Thirst - Achieved 25 kills.
Can’t Touch This - Achieved Legendary status.
I Am The Juggernaut - Achieved a 5 kill streak as Legendary.
P-P-P-PENTA-KILL! - Achieved one Pentakill in the match.
Legend Killer - Killed an enemy champion that had achieved Legendary status.
Woah! Try To Keep the Gloves Up - Died 10 times in one match.
Got Hit So Hard, My Screen Turned Gray - Died 20 times.
Supporter - Achieved 5 assists.
Lil’ Helper - Achieved 10 assists.
I Got Cha, Brah - Achieved 20 assists.
I See You - Put out a single ward in the match.
I Can See Everything! - Put out 10 wards in one match.
Stop That - Interrupted the cast of an enemy’s ability.
Knock It Off - Interrupted an enemy casting 5 times.
Ebonmaw? More Like Dead-Maw - Killed Dragon first in Summoner’s Rift.
I’d Rather Not Say What You Look Like - Killed Baron first in Summoner’s Rift.
He Was Bugging Me - Killed Vilemaw in Twisted Treeline.
Immortal - Completed the match without dying. Must remain active. Must win.
Fist to Face - Did 50,000 damage in one match.
Boot to the Head - Did 100,000 damage in one match.
That Was a Train That Just Hit You - Did 200,000 damage in one match.
Magic Hands - Did 25,000 healing in one match.
Spirit Fingers - Did 50,000 healing in one match.
Riot Police - Killed a Rioter in game.


Summoner’s Rift
Twisted Treeline
Proving Grounds
Crystal Scar


Look Ma, I Got One! - Unlocked 1 champion.
Choices to Choose - Unlocked 25 champions.
Building a Harem - Unlocked 50 champions.
Champions, Champions, Champions - Unlocked 75 champions.
Gotta Get Them All - Unlocked 100+ champions.
New Look - Unlocked 1 skin.
Altering Appearances - Unlocked 5 skins.
It's Just a Facelift - Unlocked 10 skins.
Costumed Crusader - Unlocked 25 skin.
Doin' From Behind - Unlocked 5 Assassin champions.
Beat'em Down - Unlocked 5 Attack Damage based champions.
Know Your Role - Unlocked 5 Support champions.
I Have The Power - Unlocked 5 Caster champions.
Like a Boss - Unlocked the Corporate Mundo skin.
Like a Rock Star - Unlocked all Pentakill skins.
Bam, Boom, Straight to the Moon - Unlocked AstroNautilus and Astronaut Teemo
All Hallowed - Obtained one Halloween special skin.
Merriment, All Around - Obtained one Christmas special skin.


First Ranked Game Played
First Ranked Game Won
Ranked Ace
Ranked Kills
Ranked Assists
Ranked Deaths


More to come.

Wulffe 10-28-2012 02:28 PM

Bumping this while I add more to my list. :]

Gradunk 10-28-2012 05:08 PM

how the hell is there more to add?

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