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Dr Nurse Joy 10-27-2012 02:34 AM

Elise, a viable top laner
Before you dismiss me, at least hear me out! I actually have a very good understanding of the mechanics of this game, I promise :) Also, feel free to correct me and add your 2 cents on things!

Despite the various threads of confusion on where Elise stands in the current meta, I personally believe that she belongs in top lane! Here's why:

Runes+Masteries= I run MPen Marks, Armor Yellows, AP blues and quints with 9/21/0 Masteries

We'll start with her Q. In human form, her Q does % damage, which scales very poorly with ap (2% per 100 AP). What you gain from leveling it up is simply higher base damage. This means it's very easy to take 1 point in Q and max it at level 13, as it will basically deal 9% damage from levels 1-5. This is your harass skill. I like to use it until the enemy has about 50%~ health left, at which point spider form Q will deal more damage.

Her W is next. I like to max this skill first. But because I like to take her top lane, I don't really spam this skill, unless I'm blue side and my jungler will give me blue buff (mana-less mid, eve mid, non-mana hungry mids). I only use this skill to harass, it follows up my Q harass. The golden thing about this skill is that the base damage of it is so high at rank 5, that it will leave all minions with roughly 10-20ish health left, and when you switch to spider form, you can activate W again and literally clear 2 to 3+ waves of minions in a matter of seconds. Spider form of W is great when trading, as you not only do alot of sustained damage, but you also heal for a bit, which, while it is a small amount, it adds up.

Her E is pretty simple, not much to say about it. I used it as my disengage tool in human form, and in spider form. The great thing about this skill is that when in spider form, it will not only make you untargetable, but when getting ganked, it places you *behind* the player or minion you target.

For example, one game I was top vs a Riven, she shielded in and I used my E to stun her, however alistar came from behind me and I was overextended. I switched to spider form E and first clicked the ground, this made the alistar run TOWARDS MY TURRET, so that he could catch me on the way down, however, the spell placed me *behind* him, closer to my turret, so when he used headbutt, it pushed me toward my own turret. Her E makes her *almsot* ungankable, depending on the jungler, ofcourse.

Her R is pretty obvious, but the great thing about it is that as a top laner, it gives her movespeed, which is negligable, but the golden thing here is that it gives armor and MR, at level 1! Great for early game trades to relieve alot of damage.
NOTE************************ When in spider form, your spiderlings WILL push your lane! So be careful when you use it.

Another great thing about her R is that the spiderlings are effectively BONUS AD for Elise. While you may miss a last hit yourself, it's VERY likely that a spiderling will pick up the last hit. They also target the last target that you've auto-attacked, so if you stand still, the target the closest available target.
================================================== ==============

Now then, now that I've explained how i level her R>W>Q>E, I will explain my build.

I generally like to rush a RoA, with the catalyst being the first item. I build this so that I can harass quite a bit with my skills, while still having mana on level up, so that I don't run oom. This champion RARELY runs oom if playing her correctly, if you do run oom, you're doing it wrong ;).

Anyway, RoA will give you sustain, as well as her W, this sustain really adds up over time, alot faster than you may think. Because she is ranged, and her Q is ranged in human form, it's perfect for keeping the enemy top laner low, even if they have sustain, as it is a % damage skill. RoA helps you keep up your mana to use Q and W harass.

Next item is merc treads. While sorc boots seem appealing, or even CDR boots, this champion plays very well as a sustained tanky AP bruiser, and should be built as such. CDR boots encourage you to spam skills, which will run you oom, and Sorc boots are a waste because 1) Q does % damage, there's no MR to penetrate there, and 2) Her W in human form is very mana intensive and will run you oom as well.

After that, I like to build Rylai's, starting with the Giant's belt. While the AP items are fine, in top lane, the extra health from Giant's will discourage your enemy and prevent them from bursting you. It also makes jungle ganks easier to survive. And you do % damage, so AP isn't really needed.

From there, i mix in Zhonya's for the armor and the active when all my cds are up, and then DeathCap at the end, to compliment my spiderling's attacks.
================================================== ==============

I know this was alot to read, but if you read it all, please consider it and give me your feedback!

Tl:Dr, she's not an attractive mid pick because many other mids do what she does, but much better, and she can dominate many top lanes, including popular ones like riven, lee sin, irelia, udyr, and many other melee champions, because of her ranged abilities and ranged poke.

Thanks :D

DemiluniS 10-27-2012 02:35 AM

she actually does, don't agree with the RoA since she have no sticking power & need rylai's badly and half of the time she doesn't even use mana

Dr Nurse Joy 10-27-2012 02:38 AM

Yes, Please read my whole post before downvoting, I stated that Rylai's is a core item and that she's not mana hungry at all.

Blakk Majikk 10-27-2012 02:39 AM

I would disagree with E making her ungankable, and that Q % damage isn't mitigated by MR, but the rest seems well-thought-out and was worth the read. +1

Build and purpose seems very similar to Swain.

Dr Nurse Joy 10-27-2012 02:41 AM


DrenRawr 10-27-2012 02:52 AM

I enjoyed the read, but you must admit she needs some boosts. Everything she can do..someone else can do it better.

Many better top laners than her. The Q in human form is ok when they are full health, but it falls off after 1 or 2 hits and starts to do WAY less damage.

Her only poke skill at that point to bring the enemy down is her W which is very hard to hit if they are anywhere near a minion wave.

Her minions die with any splash damage near you,..they deal almost no damage to the enemy..they can help last hit..i suppose..

Honestly I feel like the best I can do with elise is support...which makes me sad.

Everything she does takes too much time. The enemy laner can bring you down to 50% health with just 2 or 3 skillshots..where you have to do double that amount.

Then if you do go in spider form for melee it seems even with the heal you get 2 shot.

I reallllly want to like this champ but something isn't right.

Might try an AD/attack speed build again..but not having much fun.

My problem might be im using her in TT, but she should be very viable there since she was released with this map and the map has a giant spider boss..and she is the spider queen...


The Ark 10-27-2012 03:31 AM

Youre 100% wrong about the magic pen and % damage. I build her with srorc shoes and abyssmal and absolutely shred people.

I think her W needs a speed boost to it or something. Or scaling on the base damage of her Qs. Or buff to the MS in spider form. Even just 5!!

Dr Nurse Joy 10-27-2012 03:33 AM

Thanks all for your considerations :) This is only from what I've personally been testing and seen others play out.

Dr Nurse Joy 10-27-2012 03:33 AM


Originally Posted by Blakk Majikk (Hozzászólás 30742175)
I would disagree with E making her ungankable, and that Q % damage isn't mitigated by MR, but the rest seems well-thought-out and was worth the read. +1

Build and purpose seems very similar to Swain.

I said "practically", as I know it is unrealistic for any champion to truly be ungankable. Unless you're playing annie...who would hit a little girl?

Eytukan 10-27-2012 03:35 AM

Rushing trinity force and then wits end seems to work quite good for me

edit: you do not have to downvote me for stating my opinion

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