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FOODFOOD 10-25-2012 11:10 AM

Let's Talk Jungle Camps

I'm still pretty new with the new map, so I haven't formulated my whole opinion on it yet. Thus far, I like it a lot, but I feel like the jungle needs some work.

The main thing I'd like to talk about is jungle farming. I feel like the difficulty level of the creeps seems mismatched currently. The golems seem to be mega-easy-mode, while the wolves seem to be a little more resilient.

I feel like the spider needs a little tweaking as well. She's definitely a mega-boss - hurts like a truck and harder to kill than other jungle camps. However, I feel like she dropped a little too quickly. Her damage was right on par - maybe even too high. But I feel like she dies faster than it takes enemies to realize what's going on and mobilize. It's not as much of an objective if she drops so fast, in my opinion.

The thing I love the most about the jungle is the the Spectral Lantern. That, plus the addition of the Hextech Sweeper should MORE than make up for the lack of wards, in my opinion. Those actives are so good, and the sweeper passive is even better. I haven't checked - is the Lightbringer enabled in TT now? I could see champs like Vayne rocking some socks now if so.

Anyways, what do you all think? I'm sure a lot of you have something to say about pathing....

McBeard 10-25-2012 11:23 AM

I actually found Vilemaw to be much more difficult than Ebonmaw ever was. At level 12-13 I could reliably solo the dragon with many champs. Ebonmaw however required my whole team to deal with at level 12 today. The boss certainly hits hard, but has avoidable strikes. I do like the PvE style of fight in this regard...having to strategically fight the creep is refreshing. Additioanlly, lots of attacks and animations, just really great work.

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