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EpicAncient 10-25-2012 10:59 AM

[New] Twisted Treeline Issues
My computer isn't exactly up-to-par but I often run the game at 30~50 FPS on Summoner's Rift, and 40~60 on the old TT.

I had played one match on the new map and this is what I found:

Speed Shrine will cause brief freezing when passing through it.

Capturing Altars will cause immense FPS drops for multiple players (10~15 drop).

Jayce's Acceleration Gate ANYWHERE on the map will cause immense FPS drops (10 FPS or lower until it goes away, whether or not you're looking at it).

Some of Vilemaw's attacks will freeze players' screens until they cannot see her, kill her, or die.

Kassadin can hop the Base/Nexus wall, which presumably was made to keep people from flashing over it. He can do it easily with his ultimate, if he positions it at the very center of the wall (Only tested on purple's side wall).

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