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Darklarik 10-24-2012 07:08 PM

Farewell Rengar, you have been Urgoted...
I invite you all to say your farewells, and bump This memorial.
Before i say my goodbyes to my favorite champion, let me grace you with a story:

Remember once upon a time, there was this Champion named Urgot. He was the dominant adc of his day, and the noobies would scream OP on the forums all day long. So what did Riot do? They "Balanced" him. By nerfing every part of his Kit from his Q to his Ult. He quickly fell to the 5 lowest win rated champions, and 5 most unpopular ones. And there he sits, to this day, rotting away, will his many once loyal players cheated and heartbroken....
Youd think Riot would learn... guess not.

Well, i feel Cheated. Out of my money, and my time and dedication to this champion, who quickly became my favorite, i loved his versatility to go AP or AD, his ability to juke using brushes, and that ult....

Well, aparently Rengar is slated to get Urgoted. It is a shame. I had some ideas that could actually balance him, i played him in his deplorable state in PBE long enought to know where hes headed, so hear me out:
Yes, he needed Nerfs, but not annihilation.
Savagery.... His Q could have been given a scaling, so that it isnt OP like in the early levels but dosent scale of horribly late game a problem Rengar had upon release, which is why his Q was buffed to begin with.
I think a EmpQ bonus 80% at lv 1---> 120% at lv5 Would have been nice. But allas, his only damage output now deals no damage.

His Regen wasent the problem, it was that % heal, which could also have been given a scaling. like 10% at lv 1 ---> 15% at lv 5. It wouldent have hurt to give it an AD scale as well, to compensate for the Q nerfs, and make his jungle easier to clear. say like (1.0 per bonus AD?) while nerfing his AP ratio to (.7 ap) so to balance a possible Hybrid build. They could then add a (.3 Ap )scale to his E and lower its Ad scale to (.6 per bonus Ad) to accomodate for a hybrid build, which woulda have added more item versatility... but oh well, lost potential.

and then of course, the ultimate....

Originally, his ult was buffed because he couldent catch anything. Hows he suppose to do that now? You bring back the old problems like they never happened... His ult deals no damage. 5 seconds of crappy stealth on nearly a 3 minute cd is ludicrous. His reveal isnt even that long at early levels, its 2000, just 400 more range than Nid's Spear. and even at 4000 range i dont know how this reveal can be considered op since unlike TF its gone as soon as he does anything.

Then of course that beautiful item of yours in now cost inefficiency. at lv 6 a pickax is so much more favorable. 25 ad or 12 ad? hmmm, hard choice.... am i getting a lot of kills? Oh wait, ive been urgoted, guess not! no point in wasting on this item. hell a doran's blade is more favorable now.

But i guess some people think he deserved it. All those poor adc who got half healthed, whos team wasent smart to buy an oracles to see him coming, to cc him to protect the adc. I do pitty them, but i guess they won. Rengar is gone, in a manner of speaking.

and i guess the champions who could already beat him in lane under the command of a competent player, like Cho'Gath, Poppy, Jayce, and especially Jax, are all laughing as Rengar is now forced to retire.

My only anger is that i have to spend a FULL refund token to get back the money i spent on him. Never again will i buy a champion on realese, and id appreaciate if Riot could give us a heads up that the champion they realease is slated for oblivion 2 months after release. And i had already saved up for Elise... shame. Shame i cant get back the time i spent on learning him... i feel so cheated by you Riot...

Well, Goodbye Rengar! We had some good times together, You shall be solemnly missed. Hope you make friends with Urgot in 'balance' hell.

December Edit: LOL THE LATEST PATCH. Nerf master suck town strikes again.

Heartlis 10-24-2012 07:09 PM

Urgotten :(

Knife Kitty GG 10-24-2012 07:09 PM

Damn...i thought i loved Rengar....
He's been stripped of his pride... he is now just the stalker.

RockLobster88 10-24-2012 07:09 PM

Oh goody, more Rengar QQ threads. Yaaaay!

Wulf Of Highland 10-24-2012 07:10 PM

Then you remeber Twitch cant carry in a bot game since his Remake. Thats how you find your anwser.

Krimson62 10-24-2012 07:11 PM

i will still play rengar post nerf, although i doubt i will play him well...

SĂ«nuch 10-24-2012 07:12 PM

I still play Urgot he's one of my favorite champs, my AD ranged champion! I had no idea that Urgot got nerfed though, when did that happen? Pre or Post Hecarim release?

Darklarik 10-24-2012 07:12 PM


Originally Posted by Wulf Of Highland (Hozzászólás 30623176)
Then you remeber Twitch cant carry in a bot game since his Remake. Thats how you find your anwser.

Regardless, it is an ULTIMATE. on a 2 and a half minute cd.

Times New Roman 10-24-2012 07:12 PM

Let's hope he just got Yoricked. Considered worthless on release. Slight buff = god tier permaban. Currently he is a pretty good champ. Not a ban/first pick, but sees plenty of competitive play and fits great in certain comps.

But he might get Sioned instead... poor Sion.

Qwerty9898 10-24-2012 07:13 PM

you cant just compare different abilities between champions. rengar and twitch have very differnet kits which means a direct comparison between abilities cant be done

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