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DragnDeezNutsOnU 10-24-2012 07:08 PM

Sandbox/Test Mode
I've always wanted a mode with unlimited gold, maybe you can choose your level or just start out at 18, so you dont have to create a custom and do all the boring grinding and mindless slaying of bots and minions (not that its not fun). I think that there should be some kind of mode in custom where you can experiment with your champion and their builds. I would love this because you could experiment and find a build that works for you much faster so you can buy that new champ mess around get the feel then head straight off to the Fields of Justice. It would be fast easy and most of all fun. This is just an idea that I think more that just me have been wishing for (i know i have since i started playing :p). Tell me what you think guys!

PEBKAC5 12-29-2012 04:42 AM

I agree. I have never really liked looking up build guides online and prefer creating my own builds, however it becomes difficult when developing them "on the fly." This is why it would be helpful to have such a mode such that you could learn new champions, as the provided ability examples and such are very unhelpful at displaying the actual effectiveness of a champion. In such a mode, one should be able to control various factors such as minion spawning.

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