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maxterdexter 10-23-2012 08:30 PM

"Why do you want to join the league?"
"I must keep it safe."
For the World

"To serve the best interests of Demacia."

"I must kill."

“I want to join because it is my choice. It is my own free will. I want to fight for my creator’s... for my home.”
To honor a Legacy

All that is left

“I need to find him.”

Her fingers danced across the strings, urging forth a melody of loneliness and isolation. It was the song of those who had lived their lives hidden in plain sight, always passed over despite trying desperately to be noticed. It began pensively, mournfully sad, and gradually grew to a crashing, raging crescendo. The last notes echoed with a tone of quiet acceptance, but above all, catharsis.

“To become the next ruler of Noxus, of course. The League will help me accomplish this.”

“Because I have nothing else…”

"I mean to reclaim my people's birthright. And believe me. I shall succeed."
Heritage and Deception

"My home was destroyed because I didn't have the strength to protect it. I will fight to the bitter death before I let something like that happen to Ionia again."
The power to protect

"It seems this is the 'cure' I was looking for after all."

"My father is dead. One of you knows something. And I will have justice."
The Truth

“He’s the only case I’ve had to leave open. I’ll become better. I’m going to catch him, and the League will be my tool to do just that.”
The Culprit

"It seems that the time to settle our conflict is yet to be determined. Goodbye, brother."
Raging madness

“Is this vision not enough? This isn’t really over. These things never really end. All we can do is remain vigilant and try to protect those we love.”
To prevent the horrors of war

“I will walk this path until you can turn me back, as promised. Until then, I will punish you magic users with these hands you were kind enough to bestow upon me.”
Catharsis and Release

"By my will, this shall be finished."
The Worth of a Ruler

"You may have conjured me into your world somehow, but all you will receive is destruction."
To destroy

“Then I hope other men find the good in themselves to do what is right.”
To Inspire

"I am a creature of ever-lasting fire. I am a creature who burns away what needs to make way for what will be. I am a creature born to renew the world."
To burn

“Why’s that? I’m too small? Too weak? Tell me a new one. I’m the one they invited here, not my machine, and I’m not leaving that easy. Bandle City needs more loyal champions, and I’m not gonna back down from some big-haired Piltover lapdog.”

"To know my enemies. Though your magics keep them alive through defeat, I will learn more hunting those champions who are abominations than I would hunting their inferiors in the world."

"Because it is what I have always wanted. Because my father designed me to do so. Because The Ball is impatient to play on the Fields of Justice."
Because it's what she wanted

"I want to do... something else. I want to remember... and be remembered."
To create a legacy

"You want to make it up to them. The Rakkor children you failed to protect.”

“To be the best”

"To have the story of our kind told and remembered is worth reliving the sorrow a thousand times."
For his people

"In the slums of Noxus I killed to survive. Under Du Couteau I killed in his name, but my life was my own. Now--I am nothing, yet I still have my blades. What other purpose can my blades serve?"
For a purpose

“I still love Noxus, I never stopped. But now… I want to fight on my own terms.”
For rebirth

"The burden of my prison was brought about because the mages of Shurima could not comprehend what it was I pursued. I will not allow my goals to be misunderstood again. Consider my work with your League, summoner, a show of good faith."

“I’m going to ruin your con, Fate! The world may buy that you’re some kind of ‘champion,’ but I’m gonna show them what you really are. I will take everything you have, and when I’m done, you’ll be lucky to scam the heat off a campfire.”

"It is the only purpose I have left."

Sylph 10-24-2012 01:21 AM

Glad that my lore post is good for something :)

ThorRush 10-24-2012 02:36 AM

I recognize these ... that's Xin Zhao there, after Ryze ... Jarvan is special.

These answers are all part of something bigger.

Stro21 10-24-2012 07:33 AM


Originally Posted by maxterdexter (Hozzászólás 30579307)
"I must keep it safe."
“I need to find him.”

What champion said that?

Blaine Tog 10-24-2012 08:58 AM


Originally Posted by Stro21 (Hozzászólás 30592290)
What champion said that?

Ryze (first one) and MF (second one).


TheNarvalOfDeath 10-25-2012 08:42 AM

For some reason this gave me the chills, i just miss the old lore... man i miss it so much

StarkRavenMad 10-25-2012 10:31 PM

So far, Swain is the only one that's gotten what he wanted, Long term.

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