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ItsKiry 10-21-2012 11:02 PM

A Road Less Traveled. (Accepting Players)
The flames of the campfire flicker against the cold night air as the smell of sweet burning wood seems to infect the air. The breeze seems to dance with the dirt on the beaten path as if brought to life by the waning crescent moon. The night suddenly seems to stand still in audience as a soft voice resonates through the area, originating beside the open flames.

"Tonight we'll tell a tale. A tale of heroes and villains. A tale of monsters and magic! A tale of friendship...and betrayal. None the less, this is a story in which anything can happen...."

Harp's Inn, Evergreen City, Stoplight District Outskirts

"I'll say it one last time, the Inn is closed for renovation; there's nothing I can do about it. I'd suggest going to a different Inn, or a different town." The husky Inn keeper's voice bellowed over the distraught crowd in the lobby. The crowd was an assortment of emotions, and rightfully so. Out of the blue the Inn appeared to just up and close for renovation leaving many out of board for a night and possibly the remainder of their trip. Some individuals even had items left in their rooms which were now inaccessible.

None the less, the Inn keeper was dead set on holding them all off. A man even was struck down quickly, and surprisingly strongly, whilst trying to work his way past the keeper. The room simultaneously quieted down, shocked by the brutish assault. After a few brief minutes of waiting to see if any other guests decided to be so brave, the keeper retreated out of the lobby; leaving it full of unhappy customers with no choice but to leave.

Please, leave an in character response to the above scene along with your character name&profile link.

1.(GM)The Fool


3.Hildegard Von Ravencroft

4. Grand Viper

5.Amatea Du Farj




Roar Chat info: Room Name - A Road Less Traveled ; Password- crossroad
Note: In order to keep organization roar will be used (skype may be used as well if convenient.)

Farnbil 10-22-2012 12:48 AM

A fair and young woman stands outside the inn, arms crossed, frowning in acute disappointment at the building's entrance. She wears a worn and dusted tabard that once displayed a fierce red. The fabric is faded, as is the rest of her dulled uniform. Her tricorn is ruffled, her boots slashed, the pauldrons on her shoulders and her plated legs absent of any legible insignia. One cannot discern any rank or even nationality. Still, the woman displays a rapier on her waist that is especially well kept. Its hilt does not gleam, but just by its look one can estimate that it is very heavy by the matte iron guard and squared pommel.

By her side is a pack mule strangely missing its pack. A rope trails along its neck to one of the soldier's hands. The woman is in deep thought, mulling over a gamble with dire stakes.

She waits for the storm of travellers to peter out, leaving behind a few fellow bystanders. The soldier shuts her eyes for a brief moment, paining herself in contemplation.

Rudmed 10-22-2012 12:54 AM

Kahn stood amongst the crowd. He looked fairly annoyed. He had made reservations ahead of time and to arrive after a long journey and not have a place to stay was...frustrating. He was without his ninja mask and bandages on his shoulder. He looked like an average bystander amongst the crowd, armed with a katana, but for travelers it was common that they had a weapon of some sort. The innkeeper seemed to put down the first challenger easily and quickly. A frontal assault would have been useless, he would be better off with a stealthier approach. However, none of the other bystanders provided a distraction leaving Kahn unable to do much.

The sound of the door seemed to deter many of the guests, but Kahn was curious. Perhaps the Inn was part of some underground dealings? To bust that would lead to reward...and Kahn liked rewards. He began to observe the Inn noting access points such as doors, weak walls, windows, and even the roof. He then studied the inn for escape routes, the front door was most likely out of the question. However the windows on the second floor could be of use...oh the decisions. Nonetheless he waited for the crowd to clear out before making his move...the fewer bystanders the better in his opinion.

Necromonger 10-22-2012 04:42 AM

Hildegard Von Ravencroft

Hilde’s Auto-Journal, Oct 22, 12 CE
On the road from Ionia

...I must remember to thank my friend the librarian for providing me this wondrous, if arcane item. The day had been long and the strength in my hands was slipping- writing would be tedious.

At midnight of the previous day I had began the hunt of a dreaded bat lycanthrope, a creature of violence and hunger, to the edges of the forest of the village he attacked. Outside of Noxian territory, they were left to fend for themselves... I can still scarcely comprehend how such dangerous creatures could exist and prey upon the defenceless. The prey had been wounded in our prior skirmish, and was forced to give chase in the night. I could scarcely track it by the slivers of its tainted blood, but I persisted... By dawn it fled into its lair, where it would make it last stand. It loosed the four young women he had cursed, all of them transformed into bloodthirsty creatures of shadows, wing and fang- moving at the speed. It took all my skill with my polearm to fend them off without fatally wounding them. The progenitor lunged with desperation and brute strength, and in the nick of time I slew him... he transformed back into a man, his last words of gratitude for ending his curse. I slew no monster, but a victim, and found myself with only half the reward the village promised- perhaps out of compromise.

And now I have ridden long, finding no place to rest since, until I chanced upon this road. With the sun already slumbering, the landscape was now embraced by the night, a rough silhouette of the forests and meadows all my eyes would see. I long for a warm bath and bed, and to drink the jasmine tea I brought from my adopted homeland of Ionia; to let my dress-armor air out, and wash the edges of my haori of the dirt it had collected. My steed Isabella, strong and valiant she is, too tires, and seeks the company of a stable. I chanced upon an Inn, but alas, it seems misfortune does follow me.

* * *

I let Isabella rest by a well, filling the trough with water and eye that there was enough shrubbery for her to graze on- but first I fed her one of the green apples set aside for her. Loyal mount, brave and steadfast, I bother not to tie her to the well's post as she would not go far without me.

The commotion was as I feared- the Inn had somehow become unavailable to any new patrons. Keeping my nature hidden from the common eye and the witch's eye, I spied the gathered crowd- adventurers and travelers, the lot, not despicable at least but neutral company. None stood out, save the poor manners of the innkeeper. If he had important reason to close, it could not be helped- but it seemed now that we will be left out in the cold. I checked my arms, the spear of the Vindicator and the wave blade, to remind myself that I was not defenseless.

ItsKiry 10-22-2012 08:46 AM

((Recruitment Bump.))

benjimenfire 10-22-2012 10:59 AM

((I want to jion as william I will provide a link to him
here http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/2259))

ItsKiry 10-22-2012 11:12 AM


Originally Posted by benjimenfire (Hozzászólás 30517872)
((I want to jion as william I will provide a link to him
here http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/2259))

((Alright, please post a 1~2 para reply to the scene :). Looking forward to seeing the responses of everyone else;already loving the first two.))

Neroth 10-22-2012 01:05 PM

Zear was walking along the road, but when he saw what was going on, he stopped and stood asides from the crowd, leaning onto nearby tree, watching the action. He was wearing his standard clothes, unusual but not dragging much attention - a worn, gray robe covering a lightweight armor. You would think he is a mercenary of a sorts, especially given his longsword. Especially if you did not know about his true power....

"Interesting," he thought. "Truly interesting. Suppose i shall find out what is going to happen."

((Also, i am kinda newbie to this type of RPing, so if i do something wrong, feel free to correct me. I learn fast.))

Farnbil 10-22-2012 06:31 PM

Updated with Amatea Du Farj's intro above

ItsKiry 10-22-2012 07:31 PM


Originally Posted by Necromonger (Hozzászólás 30534475)

((Appreciated bump (and double bump now) I haven't hosted a game here in well over a year :( . Seems like recruitment on this thread is fairly slow.))

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