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0ur0boros 10-20-2012 12:30 AM

So, this just happened.
I was playing a game of 3's as Orianna. I know she isnt the best there but hey I was having fun. Anyway, I had a Shen in lane with me. We were against another Shen, and a Varus. Shen gets caught out of position by the other Shen's taunt. I go in to burn down Varus with some harass. The taunt ends on our friendly Shen, only to have him taunt away, instead of onto their Varus despite him still being more than half health. This left me out of position and helpless (having burned my flash in a gank attempt). The Shen then proceeds to harass and insult me for "intentional feeding" even though he never once used his taunt strategically. It seems he tried to use it as an initiator, which can be effective but only in some circumstances. Its games like this that really frustrate me, when I get blamed because one persons mistake lead to a terrible game on my part. I know I fed, I know I didn't play very well. But that one mistake on his behalf started a downward spiral for my performance that game.

All I can do is brush it off and try again.

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