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MuhGeeSher 10-19-2012 07:01 PM

I need to beat my friend!
My good mate and I are doing a 5 set match for $150.
It's going to be 1vs1 in Summoner's Rift ( mid only - no brush or buffs - basically MID only )
We're doing a Support, Ranged AD, Melee, Caster, & Tank match.
I need help with who are good to fill all those roles ..
We've made a ban item list ( No Thornmail, BV, Force of Nature,Frozen Heart ) - except tank round..
This is who I'm planning to play... It would be helpful if you give some insight, strategy, anything you can to help. I wanna win the money lol..

Support - Sona
ADC - Ezreal
Melee - Fiora or Talon
Caster - LeBlanc or Kass
Tank - Shen

Thanks in advance... xoxo

Mestaaja 10-20-2012 06:30 AM

1v1 as in fb, first tower, 3 kills, nexus kill?
Kinda also depends on how flexible your roles are, since pretty much any champ could be support for example.

Invisibleally 10-20-2012 09:30 AM


Originally Posted by MuhGeeSher (Hozzászólás 30432073)
Support - Sona
ADC - Ezreal
Melee - Fiora or Talon
Caster - LeBlanc or Kass
Tank - Shen

Since you are going 1v1 it's important to be a champion with strong take-down capabilities. I recommend Exhuast+Ignite or Heal+Ignite, and building every character with extremely high damage so that you constantly kill them.

Support - Sona, Yes. Exhaust+ignite, then spike ending with damage-boost aura before you ult and then hit some more while they are stunned if they still aren't dead. Rinse, repeat.

ADC - Twitch. use stealth to assure you get the first hit and then exhaust+ignite while you work on them. If they try to escape, use Twitch's poison vial to slow them (simultaneously resetting the poison duration for a little extra true damage). Use Ult if it will finish them, otherwise just use the ultimate as a super-poke.

Melee- Darius. Simply stomp all over their face. I actually recommend a Warmog's first for Darius because he already does extreme damage.

Caster- Casseiopia. Spike them so hard it breaks their monitor. It's hard to play with no monitor. No, but seriously. Ultraspike ftw. Also, Morgana would be especially powerful against an enemy caster because of her shield and powerful kit.

Tank- Mundo. Best tank in the game, infinite sustain after level 6, a poke hits for a health % (get sorc boots + void staff + warmog's + Abyssal + haunting visage...magic pen city) AND SLOWS. Burning agony does extra magic dmg up close and can be stacked with a tenacity item for the best cc resistance in the game. Mundo also has an extremely strong steroid with Masochism, and of course his ultimate is one of the best for a tank: infinite sustain and a huge speed boost. With high health and some magic pen, I can't see Mundo getting beaten in a 1v1, he's just too strong across the board.

Hey be sure that you post a little summary of how the games went when you get done! I know we're all interested to see how it turns out! :D

IdleAltruism 10-20-2012 09:35 AM

Support: Soraka is by far the strongest 1v1er out of the supports. She's actually quite absurd (should probably be banned from that competition). I don't think she can actually lose this match.

Melee: Picks here are weak. There are stronger melee champs that will tear these two apart, especially Talon.

Caster: Your picks actually aren't that strong, in general. Leblanc/Kass get shut down by early MR rune pages and Kass really suffers from no Blue Buff. Similarly, a 1v1 AP lane can be won pretty handily with rune pages (unless something sneaky goes down, like a Kennen pick).

Your other two categories look fine in terms of picks.

Also, your list of banned items is pretty much pointless.

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