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Tigercule 10-17-2012 06:51 PM

2k Upvotes for Striker Ezreal
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Edit: Guys, please stop bumping this thread. I have my 2k upvotes and don't need more. It's only making people downvote, and even though I have a screenshot, I'd rather not have the thread disqualified or anything.
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UPDATE: We did it! Thank you so much to everyone that helped and made this possible; you have no idea how much I appreciate all your help and support. I'm literally moved to tears, and I just want to thank you guys again.

Art I've made to show dedication:
Attachment 544167
(DeviantArt link here)
Attachment 556634
PLEASE click to view the animation on this one, or watch it on my DeviantArt. (DeviantArt link here.)
If you wish to see more of my art, I have an art thread here.

tl;dr version:
Recently I made a thread asking to see if anyone would be willing to part with their Striker Ezreal skin. LURKERLOVER has confirmed that he has Striker Ezreal and will trade it to me for what I offered (forum post as well as in-client later on in the post) I now seek 2k upvotes in the hopes that the trade will be made. I realize this will likely be a long task, but Striker Ezreal is more than worth it to me.

The Trade: (This is set and I will not trade with anyone else, as that would be unfair to Lurkerlover, sorry. :c)
22k RP, Lion Dance Kog'maw and Sandscourge Skarner. (I also agreed to Hextech Anivia, but have gifted this to him via Riot's Gifting Center with a bit of leftover RP I had outside of what I owe him)
for Striker Ezreal

NYTTYN WROTE THE STRIKER EZ X RED CARD KAT FIC. Scroll to the second post, or click this link.

I've been playing League of Legends since the first week of Season 1 (mid-July, 2010). For a long time, I played Soraka/Janna/Morgana, but then one day my friends introduced me to a champion named Ezreal, and he instantly became my favorite champion. It's been over a year and a half since that day, and I've stuck with him through thick and thin, through nerfs and buffs, through people considering him a "troll pick" and through him being FotM.
I've played Summoner's Rift Ezreal, Dominion Ezreal, Twisted Treeline Ezreal, and Murder Bridge Ezreal. I've played AP Ezreal, AD Ezreal, hybrid Ezreal (though I hated it and never did it again), and even Ultimate Bravery Ezreal. I've played Top Ezreal, Mid Ezreal, Bot Ezreal, and even rarely Jungle Ezreal. I can't claim to have carried myself to a high elo with him, as I'm no high elo player, but I'd like to think I've done well with him. I even got my first pentakill ever with him. I've played Frosted Ezreal, Nottingham Ezreal, Pulsefire Ezreal, Classic Ezreal, and Explorer Ezreal, but sadly, I am lacking Striker Ezreal, one of my favorite skins in the entire game.

[Visual Confirmation (text link was stretching the page)] [Striker Ezreal]

Originally Posted by LURKERLOVER (Hozzászólás 30327133)
Hey ill do the trade for sure, just let me and know and add me

The following quotes were taken from a 2k upvote thread asking for a Snowbunny Nidalee trade to go through. They got their skin; thanks for upvoting them too! :D

Originally Posted by Farm (Hozzászólás 29632469)
so if i contact you hipplaus, you can transfer skins like you did with this guy? this should be added to the game. you know if you do it for one person more people will want it..


Originally Posted by Hippalus (Hozzászólás 29634108)
Only if you have a 2k upvote thread about your situation :)

If you have a moment and are feeling kind, please also visit and upvote/discuss this Trade Discussion Thread/Poll, this thread for Bewitching Nidalee, and these two different threads for Red Card + Kitty Kat. Also, this thread for Team Spirit Anivia. Also also, this thread for Silver Kayle and this thread for Lollipoppy.

Contest: WINNER: JESSE, pg 73, post 7
When I get 2k upvotes (or on January 1st if this thread fails) I will randomize a post in the thread and the poster will receive the information for a $20 Visa gift card (because there are no riot point cards available in my area ><). (For the record, I have used them as prizes before and you can purchase RP with them just fine.)
- I can't win. That would make no sense
- If you've posted something insulting/derogatory/flaming, you are ineligible. Saying something like "I disagree" is perfectly fine, as is stating reasons why, but pointless criticizing/harassing will rule you out.

Upon request, I will also play a game with anyone who requests once I get the skin. Keep in mind I am by no means a pro. Hell, I'm not even good. That said, if you want to join in celebrating with a game, feel free to request a game and I'll add you to the list.
Current list: XenDryks, The Real Riggz, IATonberry1223, MOI3, FutureSound54, The Dirty
-> Message me for a game.

BksOnMyJock 10-17-2012 06:52 PM

support the trade. + 1

good luck!!

Tigercule 10-17-2012 07:17 PM


Originally Posted by nyttyn (Hozzászólás 32057009)

A familiar, almost egotistical voice would holler out, a muscular man wearing a absurd referee outfit, wearing a modest crown perched atop flowing hair. He would be recognizable as Draven, the Glorious Executioner, who was now lime-lighting as Draven, the Glorious Referee/Shoutcaster. "And there you have it folks! Not even Draaaven could've seen that stunning kick by the ONE, THE ONLY!" Draven strutted past Blitzcrank, the disappointed robot lamenting his failure to protect the goal straight up to a blonde haired, pretty boy in a sports jockey. "Let's hear it for EZZZZZZZZZZZZZZREAAAAAAAAAAAAL!"

The crowd went absolutely nuts, Ezreal laughing and flashing V symbols with his hand as Draven lifted his arm up, drinking in the cheers of the crowd. "Thank you, thank you! One for the books, I know! And for those kids out there who want to play, remember! You don't need a map for victory, only your determination!" Heh, those Noxians never stood a chance. He hated those guys. Ezreal would proceed to stride off the field in joy, sneaking away before his team could lift him up and all that business. He wasn't in the mood for it - they were all sweaty and dirty after the game, and nobody really wanted to be handled by a bunch of sweaty people, team or no.

Upon making it into the locker room, he would be surprised to find that a single, red card was taped upon it. "Hey, what the?" He'd say, looking around, his eyes falling on...a noxian. He hated those guys. Specifically, this Noxian was dressed up in a rather revealing goalie outfit, the /other/ referee for that day's soccer match, her long, flowing red hair and voracious gaze immediately identifying her as Katarina, the Sinister Blade. "Seems like you thought nobody recognized that foul earlier. Luckily for you, Draven is a idiot and I'm feeling, hm, let's say charitable." She said, starting to slink up to him, the explorer gulping and starting to back away.

"H-hey!" He said, raising his hands, defensively. "That's really nice of you but-" "Of course, I'd like a little something in return..." The crimson haired Noxian said in a low, seductive tone, licking her lips as she placed a hand on Ezreal's shoulder. "Why should I-" "Because, do you know how much it would tarnish your little image of a foul-less career," Katarina said, grinning, holding up that red card with her fingers, taking the whistle around her neck and giving it a little *tweet* "if, say, someone were to blow the whistle on this? Your image would be ruined."

As the sinister blade started to pin the prodigal explorer to the lockers, he simply asked "W...why?" "Why?" Katarina said, laughing. "Because I can." And with that, she would plant a forceful kips on his lips before dragging him away to a more secluded location, Ezreal starting to get filled with dread. All he wanted to do that day was play soccer! Now he was stuck getting into a situation he had no experience with.

Perhaps he should've brought a map after all...

A tad late, but real life kept me busy. Part two coming soon! Perhaps even faster if, say, the upvotes keep coming~

SKT T1 Azir 10-17-2012 07:19 PM

Upvotes for you my friend! Im doing the same thing but with kitty kat katarina :-)

Tigercule 10-17-2012 07:21 PM


Originally Posted by Hydarnes (Hozzászólás 30345992)
Upvotes for you my friend! Im doing the same thing but with kitty kat katarina :-)

Thank you! I wish you the best on your seach for Kitty Kat. :3

JustDeckeredBoys 10-17-2012 07:23 PM


Nytemayr 10-17-2012 07:23 PM

+1 gl

SKT T1 Azir 10-17-2012 07:24 PM


Originally Posted by JustDeckeredBoys (Hozzászólás 30346166)

If your not going to upvote just leave. No need for immature people like yourself to post something like that.

Tigercule 10-17-2012 07:29 PM


Originally Posted by Nytemayr (Hozzászólás 30346178)
+1 gl

Thank you very much. :3

Latest WIP on Striker Ezreal art:

His bow is a pain. ;_; So much detail work.

Tigercule 10-17-2012 07:42 PM

WIP #9
Changes: more bow complete
Next: moaaaar bow

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