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TofuShift 10-17-2012 12:02 AM

Giving Quality Lessons!
Hi I'm Micah "TofuShift" Landon. I've been playing League of Legends for over 3 years, and giving lessons for over 2.

Aside from giving lessons for 2 years, I've been at the top of the ladder in all 3 seasons. Now during season 1, I actively played every role at a high level in ranked. In season 2/3 I less actively played every role in ranked, but I still did/do play every role at a high level, I just haven't bot lane in soloq because I've found it less enjoyable than the other roles. Of course having a duo partner to lane with, one that you enjoy playing with, can make it the most fun roles.

Teaching Method
I cover the basics of your role(which many people don't know or forget, because they're too focused on what they're "supposed" to be doing). Then we focus on more general stuff that will help you become an overall better, more aware player.

Lesson Structure
Now keep in mind, when it comes to how/what you want to learn, it's up to you. Over the years I've done so many different methods I can work with you any way you believe to be most beneficial, but if you're unsure, then I will use my experience as a guideline, and in those cases my lessons will generally consist of 3 parts and last 2 hours (1 is often not enough, and 3 can be too much information to take in at once). Part one starts by reviewing one of your recent games together (see below for more details). Part two usually consists of us in a custom game working on some of the obvious (obvious to me anyway) mechanical mistakes being made, and some other less obvious, but useful mechanics to know. In part three we'll review some of the basics we've gone over to make sure you understand them, and then we might go over some of the more beneficial advanced techniques for you to work on later. We'll end the session with a quick "any questions? After that I'll do a follow up with you every week for the next month via Skype to see how you're doing. At which point you can feel free to ask me any questions you have.

Reviewing Replays
Right now there is no built-in replay system, so what I ask you to do is download LoLreplay at LeagueReplays/download I believe this is the best and most popular replay system out there, and honestly it's great. It'll sometimes bug out the day of big patches, but usually it's fixed that day or the following. How it works: It automatically records every game you play (as long as lolreplay is running) and converts it to a spectator's point of view, which is perfect for helping you review your game objectively. The files are tiny and the replays open quickly.

You will send me the replays you've chosen via skype at the start of our lesson. Once I download said replays (usually takes 30-120seconds) we'll both open and pause, then we'll start together and stay synchronized. During parts that nothing is happening I will fast forward quickly and find a good spot to resume on, and I'll tell you to skip and pause at "insert replay time", then we'll resume synchronized again. During parts worth talking about we'll likely pause, in which case I'll let you know so we can pause/play together ect. I make it sound like more work than it is, but it's pretty seemless.

Preparing for the lesson
Now once you have League replays you need to play some games (ranked and preferably solo; the more games the better) and save the ones you feel are close/competitive. And I don't necessarily mean "we got to 50mins, they won a decisive teamfight and pushed nexus", "we lost a base race, their nexus was 1 hit", or "the k/d was so close". Here's an example of a game that'd be good to go over. You're playing a strong early game jungler like Lee Sin, but you end up farming your own jungler more than ganking or counter jungling, and/or you felt like you could be doing a lot more, but you're not sure what it is and you end up doing random things all game (ie chicken with its head cut off). Another example is if you're an AD in the late game with better items than the other AD, and your team is either close to or even on items with the other team, but you end up losing, even though you think you should of won, but you can't figure out why/how you lost. I think you get the point; games where you believe you could have influenced a lot more than you did, but you could not then, nor now, figure out how. The worst games are ones where you couldn't see, then nor now, any opportunity to have won or done much differently. If you played solid and never gave up, then most likely it was a standard, maybe even slow paced game that the other team just ended up being better and winning. Those games are often a waste of time.

I'm very easy to schedule with, just e-mail me at TofuShift@hotmail.com with what time/dates are best for you (don't forget to add your time zone), your Skype info, and what you want to work on most during our lesson (ie casters, tanks, bruisers, assassins, supports, ect). And what you hope to achieve after our lesson (that ones optional but recommended). If you have a preferred lesson structure add it in the e-mail, if not then that's fine too. Feel free to add anything you think relevant.

You don't pay until after lesson, so if you're not satisfied you can simply not pay. Of course I would ask that you tell me why so I can improve in the future:)

I understand privacy and such, so I'm not going to go blabbing to people who I'm giving lessons to or anything like that, or brag when you're challenger ect.

Ending notes-
I want you to come to lessons ready to learn and have fun. Having said that, I expect you to come willing to put fourth effort and take criticism.

(removed most quotes; realized they weren't actually constructive or useful at all)


Originally Posted by desertfoxx (Hozzászólás 32521163)
I have taken lessons from Bigfatlp, BaBeeQ, Sam, ImChumpJohn, and a few others all of which have been great and I respect all of them, but these lessons have not even compared to Shifts lesson, it was on a whole different level. Like having your mom help you with your math homework vs a college professor.
There are good players that will say "play this way" and there are good teachers that give you the knowledge needed, to do it on your own. Shift is that kind of teacher.

Oh and he cares enough to take notes for next time so he can remember what he asked u to work on and what u were doing wrong. Just like my guitar teacher use to do.

Tycan 10-17-2012 01:55 AM

To the people with the money, and a real desire to get better at the game, I would say go for it. Nothing wrong with learning.


QQ Bro 10-17-2012 01:59 AM

what if i already know everything about LoL and am just in my elo cuz of trolls?

TofuShift 10-17-2012 12:08 PM


Originally Posted by QQ Bro (Hozzászólás 30311009)
what if i already know everything about LoL and am just in my elo cuz of trolls?

This usually happens to emotional players. They let trolls get to them, start playing worse (and in your example severely), and ultimately lose games because of it.

If it's a serious problem I don't mind just chatting with you for an hour or something along those lines.

- Know from heavy experience

@Tycan thank you for bump!

iHaveProtential 10-17-2012 12:17 PM

play on the same mumble server as this guy. def nice and friendly person, nothing like the usually cocky and condescending asshols that populate diamond elos.

never offered me free lessons tho, which i will interpret as he knows that i deserve to be diamond but just get trolled all the time so ty for the compliment shift :)

TofuShift 10-17-2012 12:35 PM


Originally Posted by iHaveProtential (Hozzászólás 30322939)
play on the same mumble server as this guy. def nice and friendly person, nothing like the usually cocky and condescending asshols that populate diamond elos.

never offered me free lessons tho, which i will interpret as he knows that i deserve to be diamond but just get trolled all the time so ty for the compliment shift :)

Thanks! :D.

I only ever offered free lesson to one person. And you never asked for lesson! It would be kind of weird, anyway.. going from parasite to giving lesson.. *chills*

Also could you upvote?! TY SIR

Qtlol504 10-17-2012 01:41 PM

I agree with QQ Bro. People troll way too hard at lower elo and makes it nearly impossible when they will insist on feeding and trolling. Even seems like when you try to help them or give constructive criticism and advice to better that player, they will take it as harassment and then you get reported and banned. Elo Hell.

CurryIsBoss 10-17-2012 07:15 PM

do you give trials .. or somethinglike that

TofuShift 10-17-2012 07:18 PM

Trials. Like a free introduce to see what I'm about?

SpiritHacker 10-17-2012 07:37 PM

Have a bump and upvote. Good luck!

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