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Gez 10-16-2012 01:29 PM

You're Such a Card (Lux x Twisted Fate)
**This story is not meant to be a one-shot, I hope to add on as the days progress. I won't always have time, expect an update maybe once a week, if not sooner. Thank you for reading!

10/25/12 - Sorry for being late this week, my computer had issues converting the file and I couldn't post it! I have fixed it, and Chapter 2 is here for your reading enjoyment. Thanks, readers!
11/8/12 - Hurricane Sandy delayed me this time. Also, I may or may not have been neglecting my time I set aside for working on the story. I'll release more as it comes out! Chapter 3 is ready!

--Table of Contents--
Chapter 1: Pick a Card (pg 1, post 1)
Chapter 2: Light Binding (pg 1, post 3)
Chapter 3: Wild Cards (pg 1, post 5)

Chapter 1: Pick a Card
The evening was turning to night in Bandle City, and the card master known as The Magnificent Twisted Fate was once again performing his magical illusions to make his daily pay. The soft wind breezed in the air, and the rowdy audience was waiting for the magician to make his entrance onto the stage. The humid air reeked of industry, and even in the park, you could never quite escape the smell.
As Twisted Fate was about to make his grand entrance, he noticed through the slit in the curtains, a rather peculiar woman in the audience, that couldn’t be older than twenty. Her blonde hair billowed in the slight breeze of Bandle City. First of all, she was a woman in a city of yordles. Second, she was dressed in light battle armor that adorned the Demacian insignia.
She must be of the royal family, Twisted Fate thought to himself. Past her loomed a carriage with two guards surrounding it. In the seat next to the girl, a well-armed guard sat with a fierce grimace on his face.
Twisted Fate turned from the curtain and took a few deep breaths, overcome by the emotion of a beautiful woman of the royal family had come to watch his show. He gathered up his strength, and exited on stage, through the curtain. Twisted Fate noticed the girl, now smiling, clapping excitedly for his arrival. The guard, however, remained stoic.
“Ladies, gentlemen, and yordles,” Twisted Fate began, “I bring you the finest magical extravaganza in all of the land!” He pulled out cards and flew them into the air. As they began their ascent, they began glowing different colors. Each card emanated blue, red, or gold. As they began to fall towards Twisted Fate, they stopped and began to circle around him.
The woman in the audience was in a trance watching the performance, almost as if she was trying to recreate the magic in her head. Her eyes danced from card to card.
The cards began to swirl faster and faster around the Magnificent Twisted Fate, and then, he was gone. The cards collapsed to the ground, and the audience gasped. As the mysterious girl in the audience stood up to get a better look, a hand grabbed hers and, without turning out, she lit up a smile. She then turned around to meet the gaze of Twisted Fate.
“Thank you for coming,” Twisted Fate said, with a sweet tone of love.
“I’ve heard a lot about you, Mr. Fate,” the woman said. Her voice was elegant, and it soothed Twisted Fate. He brought her hand to his lips and gently kissed the top, never taking his eyes away from hers. Her hand was warm, and so were his lips. Her blue eyes lit up and she smiled, showing her teeth, white as the winter snow.
Suddenly, the cards from the stage flew over to Twisted Fate. The cards circled him, and the woman backed off quickly, still smiling. Twisted Fate watched the cards, and he reached for one, pulling it to him. He smiled and gave the card to the woman.
“Here’s my card,” he said to her, winking.
She looked at the card. It was the king of hearts. She blushed at this gesture and she leaned into him and gave him a slight kiss on the cheek. Her lips were warm against his skin. The beautiful woman held up the card to the rest of the audience. There were claps and whistles flowing throughout the audience. He went back to the stage to continue his show, always looking over to the beautiful woman that enjoyed his card tricks so much. He still noticed her eyes constantly trying to dissect his card tricks.
When The Magnificent Twisted Fate closed his show, he couldn’t stop thinking about that woman and how he could possibly contact her. Behind the red curtain that led to the stage, he took a few deep breaths before removing his cap and going to his dressing room.
The dressing room was a mysterious purple that shone into shades of pink when the light hit it. The room was dimly lit, with the exception of the lights at his makeup table. There was an armoire in the corner that held his show clothing, and his normal clothes. He threw the cape around the makeup chair and put his hat on the table. He stripped down to his underwear, preparing to put on his daily clothing, and there was a knock on the door.
“Just one moment,” he responded to the knock. He quickly threw on a white t-shirt and blue jeans and ran to the door. As he opened the door, the uproar of the audience, still in awe of his show, pierced his eardrums. He peered out of the dressing room, and he saw the woman from the show.
“Good evening,” she began, “may I come in?” She gave a slight smile, and that was enough to make Twisted Fate fling the door to the side and beckon her inside. She looked around the room for a moment, noticing that the only real piece of furniture in the room was the wardrobe. Twisted Fate closed the door behind him, to prevent intruders.
“May I ask your name?” Twisted Fate blurted out, eagerly. He wondered if it was too soon to ask her name, for he feared she would see him as desperate.
The blonde girl turned to him, her blue eyes glistening in the glow of the lights from the mirror. “My name is Luxanna Crownguard of Demacia,” she stated. “Everyone just calls me Lux for short. How about yourself? What’s your real name?”
Twisted Fate hesitated. He wasn’t sure if he should give out his real name to just any cute stranger that came up to him. He sighed and let out, “My real name is a mystery, but everyone refers to me by my stage name, Twisted Fate.”
Lux nodded in agreement, and then moved past Twisted Fate into his makeup chair. She swiveled in the chair; then stopped upon noticing the cards inside a back fold in Twisted Fate’s cape. She reached down, pulled them out, and began to study them closely.
“There’s nothing about them,” Twisted Fate called to her. “My magic is magic, no illusions needed.”
Lux looked up to him for a second, and once again began to study the cards. “I like to try to reverse engineer spells; it’s one of my hobbies. This is why I’ve been travelling around Ionia, and then here, to Bandle City.” She lifted a card up, the back facing Twisted Fate. Lux let go and watched it slowly drift to the floor, but then stop a few inches from the ground.
Twisted Fate looked at her, astounded. She’s able to recreate my magic after seeing just one show, he though. He could see the strain on Lux’s face as the card began to levitate higher and higher off the ground. The sheer concentration in her eyes, the determination.
The card began to slowly spin horizontally, face down. It spun faster and faster, and then shot forward at Twisted Fate. His lightning fast reflexes brought the card to a stop in front of his face, and he reached up to grab it.
“My card,” Lux said, in the same tone Twisted Fate had used earlier with her.
Twisted Fate lifted the card, revealing the queen of hearts. He smiled and looked to Lux, gazing deeply into her eyes. He moved closer to her, card still in hand. The card began to change colors, from gold, to blue, to red, and repeat. The flashing colors stopped at red and Twisted Fate pulled the card into his left hand.
“Let’s make this moment slow, shall we?” He crushed the card in his hand, feeling the entire world slow down between the two of them. Twisted Fate leaned in for the kiss, and Lux leaned in as well. Their lips met, and a kiss pursued. They stood there, embracing each other, eyes closed, making the moment last. Minutes passed, as both of them stood there, holding each other. Twisted Fate finally pulled away, smiled, and grabbed Lux’s hands.
“Will you be at my show tomorrow?” he asked her, with a sweet tone.
“I’d love to, but my royal duties far surpass seeing a magician for two nights in a row.”
“Is there any way I could see you again?”
“In time.”
She kissed him one last time, and then turned for the door. Lux pointed to a card on the floor, which was now glowing blue. Twisted Fate grabbed the card, looked up, and Lux was gone.

Oshiet 10-16-2012 02:40 PM

Interesting couple! :p I like it. Would love to see more!

Gez 10-25-2012 01:31 PM

Chapter 2: Light Binding

The Fire Festival was two days away, so he set out on a carriage for the next day. As his carriage approached the Pallas Temple Monastery; he noticed a large amount of Demacian guards surrounding a few set of people, but none that he could recognize. He made his way towards the back on the monastery, to his dressing room. He suited up in his purple suit and black cape, and then went out to backstage, since he would be performing just before the fireworks.
Twisted Fate waited behind the curtains once more, peering out into the crowd to find if Luxanna was sitting in the crowd of Demacian guards. He scanned the audience back and forth, and he saw no sign of Lux. He sighed heavily in disappointment and turned away from the curtains, accidently bumping into someone in the process.
“Sorry mi-, “ he stopped. In a tight blue and white blouse and miniskirt, with her hair flowing behind her, Lux stood smiling. She ran into his arms, putting her face into his chest and arms around him. Twisted Fate tried to pull her in closer, to deepen the hug, but the announcer for the Fire Festival came on the speaker, breaking the moment.
“Ladies, gentlemen, and yordles. I, Jarvan IV, Prince of Demacia, bring you the magical styling of the Magnificent Twisted Fate, and the princess of Demacia, Sorceress Luxanna Crownguard!”
Applause and cheers erupted in the audience, anticipating the arrival of the two on stage. Twisted Fate shot a look at Lux, perplexed by her being announced with him. He held Luxanna at an arm’s length, looking deep into her eyes. Her pupils were sparkling with anticipation, and they hugged before going on stage. Twisted Fate took Lux’s hand, and then walked through the curtain, onto the stage, into an uproar of an audience bigger than Twister Fate had ever had at one of his performances. There must’ve been ten-thousand people, if not more.
After the applause finally died down, Twisted Fate turned to Lux and nodded. He pulled out a deck of cards from his cape, and he flung them into the sky, as they began to emanate the colors of blue, red, and gold. Suddenly, there was an unexpected orb of light floating inside his cluster of cards. Twisted Fate looked at Lux, seeing her wand pointed towards the orb. His gaze was brought back to the cards as the orb detonated, shattering his cards into small particles that glittered with the light of the stage.
What did she just do to my cards? wondered Twisted Fate. He looked at Lux, who was still as happy as she could be, eyes watching the glittering particles as they fell towards the stage floor. He did a full turn, allowing his cape to lift to a point where he could replenish his lost cards with a new deck from his cape. Twisted Fate displayed them in front of him, but then they moved over to Lux and began to swirl around her. She looked at him, smiling as big as she could, and then she disappeared.
The cards still fluttered and then shot up into the night sky, lining up perfectly as they began to glow blue and gold, with the absence of red. Just then, a red line appeared to be skewering the cards right in the center, and then a bright rainbow flashed in the sky, the cards once again being destroyed.
Twisted Fate reached into his hat, pulling out the last set of cards he had with him. As he brought out the cards, there was a scream from above. He looked up, seeing Luxanna falling straight towards him, to the ground. He dropped his cards, and braced himself to catch her. He caught Lux in his arms, barely able to keep his footing.
She looked at him with her arms around his neck, fear dancing in her eyes. Instinctively, both of them leaned into a kiss, getting a large amount of applause and whistles from the audience. After the kiss, he set her down on the stage, and then lifted the cards in front of him. They began to glow blue, and then they shattered.
Lux and Twisted Fate quickly got up and ran through the curtain before the glitter dissipated to reveal that they were gone. They smiled at each other, and then kissed again. They ran back to Twisted Fate’s dressing room, holding hands, and then closed the door behind them. They began to kiss once more, and they slowly made their way over to the bed in the corner, never breaking the kiss.
Twisted Fate had shed his hat, jacket, and cape, but Lux still stayed fully clothed. As Twisted Fate began to remove his t-shirt, there was a loud pounding on his door. He quickly pulled his jacket on, and began to rush to the door, but the door came off its hinges and flew into the room, crashing into the sofa that was in the room.
A muscular young man, that couldn’t be older than Lux was, stepped into the room. He adorned a large breastplate and sword that made Twisted Fate cringe at the sight.
“LUXANNA!” he boomed at the top of his lungs, fear in his voice. He advanced into the room further, spotting Lux on the bed. His gaze changed to Twisted Fate, with complete and utter rage on his face. He made a fist, and the punched Twisted Fate as hard as her could with his free hand. Twisted Fate cluttered to the floor, and behind him, Lux screamed.
“Garen, stop!” she cried, half sobbing. Twisted Fate turned his head and saw the man taking Lux by the arm out of the room.
Twisted Fate got up and punched the man as hard as he possibly could, but it barely fazed the man in the breastplate.
The man, clearly angered by his pathetic attempt to harm him, brought his fist up once more, and connected with his jaw, sending Twisted Fate spinning into the wall. Garen, he thought his name was, crossed the room to grab one of the chairs from the small table in the center of the room. He raised it above his head, and brought it down on top of Twisted Fate’s head, all while Luxanna screamed for him to stop.
“Don’t ever touch my sister again!” Garen screamed. “Guards, take him to the Demacian prison!”
Darkness began to creep in on Twisted Fate’s vision, and he saw many figures rushing to him. He let the darkness take him.

allthegoodnutz 11-05-2012 03:08 PM


Gez 11-08-2012 04:56 PM

Chapter 3: Wild Cards
Twisted Fate awoke to the jolting stop of a carriage. The light was minimal, only coming from the small window in the rear door. Even that light was partially blocked by some iron bars instilled for keeping a fugitive’s hand from unlocking the carriage door. Lying on his back, he struggled to sit up and get a better view of exactly where he was at the moment. As he attempted to stand, he noticed his feet were tied to the front end of the carriage, and that he couldn’t move off of the wall. Around his hands were thick metal gloves and kept him from performing hand motions that could set his cards off.
The carriage door flung open, and there stood the black figure of the man who came to take Luxanna from him.
Luxanna, he thought. Where are you? What had they done with you after I blacked out?
The figure, whose name eluded his thoughts, had once again wielded his long, thick sword. Slowly the man reached into the carriage and grabbed one of Twisted Fate’s hands, lifting it up and dropping it back to the carriage floor with a thud, as if he were just a ragdoll, to see if he was conscious, or dead.
Twisted Fate, keeping his face hidden from the light of the carriage, was watching the man attentively to see what his next move would be. The man brought his sword up once more, bashing the hilt of it into the side of his skull.
Darkness crept on Twisted Fate’s vision again as the carriage door closed, and the carriage sprung forward before he lost consciousness.

This time, when Twisted Fate awoke, he was on a hard, cold stone floor. His hands still wore the heavy metallic gloves, only this time, they seemed to be weighted even more to the ground. His feet had free mobility, but without being able to lift his hands, he could only drag himself a few inches at a time. At least, in this room, there were two small lanterns in the room. One high above, on the ceiling, and the other was right next to the door.
The shapes of a few cadavers also lurked around the room, but one in particular caught Twisted Fate’s eye. He looked over at a young man, probably around his age that had long blond hair. His leather jacket was torn in multiple spots, and he lay face down on the stone cold floor.
Twisted Fate stood up as much as he could and dragged himself over to the body, hoping to see if he was awake. He kicked the man’s leg a few times, and the man emitted a type of groan and cry at the same time. His face lifted up from the floor, and his red face looked to Twisted Fate with a look of disgust.
“I’m done with your torture,” he said, “you’re worse than the Noxians, and I hate those guys.”
Twisted Fate dragged his gloves in front of the man’s face, and that was when his face lit up. His gaze turned up to Twisted Fate’s completely, but still lying on the floor.
“You’re just another prisoner,” he whispered. “How’d you end up here?”
Twisted Fate thought for a moment. He didn’t even realize how he did end up here, just that he was with Luxanna and then some guy came in and took him away.
“The better question is how did you end up here?” Twisted Fate inquired. “Better yet, what is your name?”
The man, now lifting his body up completely to show a massive body cast that prevented him from bending any part of his torso, spoke with the most sincerity, as if he was speaking to the king. “My name is Ezreal, and I ended up here because I decided it would be cool to hook up with the Demacian princess.” He broke the eye contact and turned away. “I shouldn’t have been so naïve to know it was a trap.”
Twisted Fate felt the exact same way; that he had been duped into believing that a princess could ever have fallen in love with just a magician from Bandle City. He felt betrayed, he felt deceived, and he felt rage. He couldn’t control himself at that moment, lifting his gloves off the floor, and throwing his fist into the stone walls of the cellar. The momentum of the gloves carried Twisted Fate into the wall as well, and he collapsed onto the floor.
“So who are you?” asked Ezreal, who was walking towards him as if he didn’t even have the body cast on. He plopped down next to him, awaiting a story.
Silence ensued for several minutes before Twisted Fate finally spoke up. “I was played by Lux, as well. She seemed so into me, watching my show and then performing my tricks as if she’d been practicing them all of her life. After the Fire Festival, though, she had some burly guy come in with a bunch of guards to take me away.” He sighed heavily, relieved to have gotten that off of his chest. He changed his gaze and looked into Ezreal’s eyes, hoping to find a sign of comprehension.
Ezreal broke the eye contact once more, looking at the gloves on Twisted Fate’s hands. His eyes opened wide, and quickly Twisted Fate looked down. There was a long crack in the gloves from when he had shoved himself hands first into the wall.
Sharing a smile with Ezreal, Twisted Fate hoisted all of his strength and flew his arms at the opposite wall of them, sending further cracks through the heavy gloves. Mustering the very last bit of his strength, he flung himself back towards the wall where Ezreal was, who now had moved to the corner for safety. The gloves shattered into pieces and Twisted Fate fell to the floor, missing the shards of metal that had scattered around the room.
Ezreal squealed with happiness, standing up and rushing over to Twisted Fate.
Twisted Fate rubbed his hands together, and reached into his cloak. His cards were gone. They were, more than likely, stripped when he was in the carriage. Quickly, he took off his performance hat and searched for his emergency cards, and they were there. Moving his hands in an eloquent manner, he brought the cards up in front of him. He beckoned Ezreal to move into the center of the room as the cards began to glow magnificent colors.
Reluctantly, Ezreal moved to the center of the room, and the cards began to swirl around him and glow brighter. The cards suddenly stopped moving, and then plunged themselves into the body cast that held Ezreal. In a spectacular display of dazzling colors, the cast broke into pieces and fell to the floor.
With the cast gone, it revealed the sweat drenched clothing that Ezreal had worn for the time he had been in this prison. He wore a white t-shirt, a leather vest, and, for some reason, several different belts strapped all around his body. His blue jeans were ripped, revealing some skin on his thighs and knees.
Almost immediately, he sighed with relief and stripped his leather vest and t-shirt, revealing his body. Ezreal’s body had a slight tan, not much more than a few hours in the sun, and a slight show of muscles, but nothing too big. He reminded Twisted Fate of himself, except he was a little chubbier. He threw the t-shirt to the side and put on the vest again.
Ezreal put his hand on Twisted Fate’s soldier, looked into his eyes, and nodded towards the door, dimly lit by the lantern next to it. The door was locked, however. Ezreal took a few steps back, and Twisted Fate watched as a bolt of arcane energy formed from within his hand and smashed into the door, shattering it into pieces.
They both ran through the door, into the next room. They stopped in the center of the room when they noticed that the room was full of Noxians.
“Noxians, I hate those guys.” Ezreal whispered to Twisted Fate.

Pixven 12-04-2012 12:03 PM

What a shame this hasn't been updated. I really enjoyed this.

Drakojan 12-04-2012 02:37 PM

No more? </3

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