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Tempestphile 10-15-2012 01:56 AM

Optimal Armor / Magic Resist?
Been playing tanky initiators (Sejuani, Leona)

Is 170 armor and MR too much, too little or need more?

Or should i stop at around 140 armor and stack health (such as frozen mallet)

Because even with 170 armour, some champion can still 3 shot me (AD champion like Rengar without last whisper)

Also, i cannot understand why Dominion has 12% AD penetration??? Isn't that too much?

Ikruti 10-15-2012 03:40 AM

Well, for armor, I can say that usually with just a Frozen Heart (which you should be building on basically any tank except maybe Shen....and even then you probably want it on him) that's typically enough armor. With built in AR and runes and masteries, that'll neat you around 180ish armor plus the AS slow. You really only want more if they have some super heavy AD damage (like 3 AD carries or something like that).

MR....really depends on the enemy team. I typically end up around 140ish against most AP heavy teams.

As for HP, I basically always get a Frozen Mallet on my tanks, so that seems to work fairly well to ensure you have enough HP to back the resistances.

Veni13 10-15-2012 03:52 AM

Don't know about the exact figures for armor and MR, but the extent I tank up greatly depends on the team comp we have, enemy's team comp, and my role in the team. Not to mention how the game is going. If not too good, tank up more to be able to tank/initiate tram fights better. If well enough, I can go for more damaging items. Although, tbh, I think Rylai's is better for most tanks than FM.

Basically you have to play it by ear rather than focusing beforehand on how much armor or MR you have/need to have.

Getting burst down fast? Tank up more. FH is always a good, solid item. And thornmail is pretty neat vs 2+ autoattacker carries too. And try to be with your team.

lbgsloan 10-15-2012 11:37 AM

With all the armour pen most people are going to get (aura + mastery + runes + brut/ghostblade + LW), armour purchases after a certain point stop being cost effective. Likewise most mages either go triple flat pen (ie around 68.5 mpen + 15% from mastery/aura), or a void. Generally runes + FH + Aegis + maybe tabi is enough armour, while runes + mercs + one major mres item (FoN or veil) is enough mres. After that you want health and/or items that will help you and your team actually kill things. Aegis, Zeke's, Abyssal, Hextech Sweeper (build this earlier if needed), Frozen Mallet, Trinity are all good considerations once your main tanking needs are taken care of.

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