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Ant 10-14-2012 08:11 PM

Want to stop getting wrecked top
I always hate when forced to top lane. My main champ for top is Riven and basically what happens every time is, I sit back behind my creep wave and pretty much just watch my opponent get CS because I'm too afraid to get close. I'm certain if I do, he's going to suddenly poke when I go for a CS and that in turn will make me poke back and engage a sudden fight which I'm sure I'll lose.

So I sit there, afraid of my opponent's damage as well as getting ganked because I have no vision 'til my first back. I'll sit back until 3 and then try for a E -> W -> Auto -> Q away combo and sometimes I'll get away with little/no poke back but I usually end up taking damage, especially if it's someone like Olaf who just pokes right back harder with his E.

Then I'll get pushed back to my tower and just farm under it until 6. Even then I'll be too afraid to trade because I feel like I'm not tanky enough to sustain a fight, especially if the jungler ganks. And somehow before 11, I'll usually be into a negative score until my lane opponent goes off to roam and I can free farm and/or we start team fighting which is when my score tends to even out and things get better. But by then, I'm completely stomped in CS by my lane opponent, usually having 40-60 than them, and by the end of the game I'm one of the lowest gold farms on the team.

Basically I want to stop getting crushed in lane and having to hide behind my tower during the entire early game. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks.

Glaedien 10-14-2012 08:16 PM

I have similar issues on Irelia, about the only thing I can do is start off with a doran's shield or some armor and lots of health pots. Working on some defense masteries as well. Still need 3 levels to find out, but I think once I have Veteran's scars and vigor maxed out, my early laning will be a bit safer.

Only lv 18, but I hope you can get at least some use out of this.

etharian 10-14-2012 08:30 PM

Im not an awesome top myself. So Im speaking only in the way of theory here.

most rivens are picked to counter melee tops. Starting cloth +5 is alot of what i see too. Save your dash to escape with and lead in with your q. Her passive work best if u alternate between AA and spells. So q aa q aa q aa. Throw on a w and another aa before u dash away. Obviously u don't have to get in all 3 qs as well. But against other bruisers she should b able to trade pretty well.

Just my.2 cents. Take it for what its worth but.hope.it helps

CaptainScrubberz 10-14-2012 08:40 PM

you should only be passive until you hit level 2 on riven, unless they picked a super aggressive top lane like kayle or renekton you'll be able to out damage them with your knock up and stun , THEY should be the one scared of you. Riven is an early game champ so if you don't snowball in lane your going to be very lackluster in teamfights. If you still don't feel confident ask your jungler for a lvl 2 gank up top that will get things moving in the right direct most of the time.

Duhizy 10-14-2012 08:49 PM

judge your early game top by how much damage or cc you think the enemy jungler and top have, assume that if the enemy jungler's first buff clear is near you then your going to get ganked first. If i think i could die then i let my enemy push the way so i can farm safely, if the enemy jungle doesnt gank early or start near me then i get aggressive or just freeze the lane near my tower and attack them if they get close.

As riven if your enemy isnt melee your screwed;if you agress they kit you; if you freeze they still get farm, the point is you need to sustain through it all with decent farm until you can back with some good gold. For these situations go cloth 5 and farm, if the enemy is melee then you can harass much better because of your stun and shield, quickly shield in, attack with q and autos until your shield is broken then stun them and walk away, you just did half their health for like 100 hp off yourself. Always be aware of the combined damage of the top and jungler, even if your doing we or fed; if they can kill you and are presumed in your general area then dont push and always have the area warded. Do what i just mentioned and you'll win top lane early game and at any other point.

ExecutionerK 10-14-2012 09:04 PM

To be serious, Riven takes a lot of skills to master and even pick up.

First off, in order to do damage with Riven, you are forced to go full damage build. What this means is that you will rarely go any HP item or resistance til later in the game (hexdrinker, GA are like one of the only few defensive items that is actually consider legit on Riven).

The next thing is about Riven's Q

Riven's Q can remove the autoattack animation and allow you to kite. The most common example is autoattack, Q, autoattack, Q, autoattack, Q, autoattack at level 1. Usually with this combo you will outdamage everyone, and what you really need to worry about is only minion aggro.

The most important key to play Riven is to understand your limit and aggressiveness. I suck at Riven even though I had played her since she is out, because I can't push myself to the limit and take the enemy surprise by using the whole skillset. I will suggest you to pick up other champions if you are having problem with Riven.

Bad Player 10-14-2012 09:44 PM

Grow a backbone, dude.

Like Subberz said, Riven is an earlygame champ. If you aren't going to use her then...

Even then, if you know you that you play defensively, letting your opponent farm and harass and get fed while you do nothing... then just try playing more aggressively. I mean, what's the worst that'll happen? You do badly in a game or two? Who cares? You aren't going to learn the limits of your champ if you don't push them.

Also, like Ken said, trying a different champ might also be good.

Phil McGroin 10-15-2012 10:51 AM

Try Yorick

If being scared to farm is what you feel is most holding you back, Yorick might work well. His W and E ghouls can farm for you, or harass the enemy champ out to a safe range while you farm, and if they come in close his Q is pretty beastly. His E also gives him good sustain, and his ulti is really useful in late game team fights. Put it on your carry, even if they get focused and killed instantly, they can still pop up to land a bit more damage and often decide the fight.

And if you can sweet talk your jungler into giving you one of the first 3 blues... a Yorick with blue is almost impossible to push out of a lane.

Hirumonogatari 10-15-2012 10:56 AM

if you're playing riven like a passive bot lane (i play the way you describe with ashe and vayne), you might want to pick up another champ. riven is a high-risk high-reward champ and pre-6 trades very well.

Ornan 10-15-2012 11:08 AM

Maybe you should try nunu or yorick top.

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