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ExuroArc 10-14-2012 07:34 PM

Graves Item Order.
In what cases would you build and IE first and what cases would you build a BT first?

Thanks in advance!

Amatzikahni 10-14-2012 09:43 PM

Lane sustain vs teamfights. If you need to put out damage and have no trouble in lane, grab IE. If you're getting heavily harassed and you're missing last hits because of it, then get BT so that you can continue to farm and win trades/heal up afterward. I always grab a Zeal before finishing either, and occasionally I will complete PD if I need the sustained DPS over the burst that a BF Sword item can provide. The only other circumstance I can think of is whether or not they have assassins. That's mainly up to the comp—if you can survive a wave of burst, BT will help keep you in the fight, but if it's debatable, then grabbing IE will give you more burst before you die. In that case, getting a fast GA (maybe after one completion and a Zeal) is probably your best option.

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