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Musketeered 10-13-2012 08:58 PM

Champions to buy.
I am relatively new to this game and only just got 6300ip enough to buy a tier 5 champ.
I was wondering what champion was best to get. I know ranged mages is my play style and have tried out Karthus, Syndra, Lux, Xerath (and liked them) but was also interested in finding out if veigar or Zyra are any good thanks.
I really liked Syndra but I hear she is not the strongest and trying to stun someone with force of will quite difficult to aim. She can move during her abilities thou which could be quite useful.
Karthus is awesome but ugly
Lux is great for getting assist and kills and her stun is really neat for running away especially if there are two people chasing you. Plus while hard to aim her ult can be quite good clean up ( not quite as good as Karthus) but way shorter cool down.
Xerath has awesome range but I imagine quite easy to gank when he is stationary.
I was mainly asking for comments plus if anyone could tell me if veigar or zyra was any good.

HuduYooVudu 10-14-2012 01:38 AM

Veigar is a nice burst type champion that has a greater mid-late game then other mages. The more minion kills you get using his Q, the stronger he becomes as those kills give him extra AP. Same thing goes for killing enemy champions except it can be with any ability not just your Q.

Zyra on the other hand has pretty decent burst but her plants? OMG those plants are a good way to annoy your enemies. They keep constant harass on them. She's really good in team fights as most of her spells (even her passive) are AoE (area of effect) and can hit multiple targets AND she can stay away from the fight by just throwing her plants on the field and cautiously staying back.
As far as what you said about Xerath, it's slightly true but his ability that makes him stationary also gives him a decent speed buff when the duration ends. You can also reactivate the ability to get the speed buff earlier, this will help you chase/back away from ganks

Also just throwing this out there another good mage champ to play, as much as I hate his ass, is Brand. All of his abilities have added effects when used with his passive. He's a super nuke that is a pain in the ass to deal with. He has just about as much AoE as Zyra

Rusion 10-14-2012 02:03 AM

Can I also suggest Morgana, and Soraka?

Morgana's passive along with her W gives her excellent sustain, she can stun with her Q for a team fight, E blocks magic dmg and CC, and her R slows close-by enemies while dealing TONS OF DAMAGE!

I know you think, "Soraka, isn't she a support?". Well, yes she is. But when you build up some AP with her Q, you can easily last hit minions, hurt the enemy, and lower their MR for the next Q to hit harder. Not only that, you can silence them with E, heal yourself with W, then (if your team is getting hurt) heal all with R.

Two viable choices imo, I've played all these champs except for Brand, Xerath, and Karth, but the others mentioned are great choices. (Veigar, Morgana, Zyra, Lux) Look at some vids on youtube if you want to look at their damage too,

Musketeered 10-14-2012 10:33 PM

The only issue I have with veigar is his abilties are kind of easy to dodge.
I have looked at morgana she is significantly cheaper to purchase (like veigar). We shall see I would like to see the new free champs first before I buy.
I really like the look of zyra and while it will take up most of my ip I am extremely tempted.
Sorry I have tried soraka and didn't like her. I did play pvp on my first go and only tried her once but thats besides the point.
Brand I liked at first but his combos are hard to master. Well at least on your first go :)
Thanks all

GetLikeMe14 10-15-2012 05:45 AM

May I ask what lv your summoner is? If I could suggest something if you aren't lv 20 yet is to save the ip for runes and keep playing the free champs or find a cheaper champ. And it sounds like you prefer mid champs. Annie is actually pretty bursty. Also, try out eve. Always remember that just because the champ is more expensive does not mean they are better. There is a pretty good balance to the game. You'll find that it's best to just become very proficient with one champ and then break off from there. Even the 450ip champs are worth it and still very good.

WindowIicker 10-15-2012 06:19 AM

eve is really fun. only 1350 ip and she is totally different from any other mid that you can use. once you are level 6, have DFG and boots, your team basically has an extra jungler whenever you push your lane and don't have anything to do for half a minute while it gets back to the middle. Eve ganking with your jungler is almost a guarenteed kill, ridiculous burst, a slow that gives you a shield and a spammable q that you can just follow someone with as they retreat and ping them for a surprisingly high amount of damage. Also, probably the easiest to farm with imo, besides karthus.

Phantaztick 10-17-2012 12:59 PM

Mages are my favorite to play as well. I mostly play Xerath and Heimer, but have tried a few others. You might give Ryze a shot. Xerath is great for poking and an unexpected stun on folks, ans the added range from his W is fun for nabbing people hugging the turret or trying to escape, but if you get caught, it's hard to not die. You really have to maintain map awareness and not push into a dangerous spot. If you're mid, that stun helps set people up for a jungle gank as well.

AskKarthus 10-17-2012 01:38 PM

I would recommend Karthus simply because he does a huge amount of AOE, has a global ulti, and the wall, which has MR shred and a massive slow.

Musketeered 10-17-2012 07:52 PM

yes I have tried Karthus and is one of my favorite champions.
I am terrible at melee champions not my strong point and I defiantly like mage considering I have got so used to spamming out abilities I think if I played someone else I would have an issue of not using their abilities in the right time :)
I am lv 12 may I ask how much a full rune page cost ? what you brought up getmelike is actually a very good point.
I know just because they are more expensive doesn't mean they are better but most of the time it means they are cooler :)

PracticalPotato 10-17-2012 10:21 PM

^ A full runepage from scratch costs upward of 10k IP. Then there's the issue that you might need more than one rune page for different characters. And you start with 2 so you might need to buy more runepages (6300 each). Runes are expensive.

You probably don't have to worry about all that yet though. You're still level 12 and found yoiur favorite role. The one mage rune page will be good enough, so around 10k IP by the time you hit 20 will get you most of a page.

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