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Tartarusauce 10-13-2012 03:19 PM

Austin, TX: 8-team, 5v5 Tournament with $800 prize pool
We're hosting our second League of Legends tournament on October 27th! This time, we'll be doing an 8-team, single elimination tournament with a $800-dollar prize pool, plus other prizes to be announced.

Entry fees are $100/team, and tournament seats are reserved for the first 8 teams to sign up and pay the entry fees. Our facility has 20 computers, the use of which is covered by entry fees while your team is still playing in the tournament. No BYOC, but players are encouraged to bring their own mice, keyboards and headsets if desired.

  • One-day tournament
  • Entry fee per team: $100, $800 prize pool.
  • First 8 teams to sign up and pay will receive tournament entry. See below for physical attendance rules--only a portion of your team is required to attend in person.


Saturday, October 27, 2012. Setup starts at 11 a.m. Tournament starts at noon.


Mothership Books and Games, 2121 Parmer Lane, Suite #119, Austin, TX 78727 (Next to Pok-E Joe's BBQ)

  • $100 per team.
  • Deadline for sign up is 24 hours before the event starts (Friday Noon the previous day)

Prize Pool: $800

  • 1st place: $400
  • 2nd place: $250
  • 3rd place: $150

Tournament Format

Single elimination tournament.
  • Round of 8: Bo1.
  • Round of 4: Bo3.
  • Final Match: Bo5.

Attendance and Team rosters: At least 2 players from each team must be physically at the site. Up to 3 players per team, per match may play remotely. Any player on the pre-submitted team roster is eligible to play. You may add players as necessary and have more than 5 players on your roster, but no player is allowed to change teams once the tournament starts. (Note that Riot's ranked team has a 9 player cap.) All players can form teams with onsite or offsite members as long as two people are here.

Sign Ups and Fee Payment

Sign up using the form at the bottom of this page on our site. Then, send entry fees via PayPal to actual[at]mothershipatx.com.

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