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SovietBlade 10-13-2012 09:08 AM

"Sleeper OP" and season 3?
So a friend of mine and me had a chat about what we might see in season 3. And here's what came up:

It was a list. A list of all the currently "non-viable" and underplayed champions despite doing extreme damages at certain stages of the game or having a skillset that is impossible to perfectly balance.

She was the first one we talked about. The obvious arguement was "She's too vulnerable early game to do anything so she never gets picked" But then we remembered season 2's change to the jungle and how so many "nonviable" characters got some spotlight thanks to that.
What if something similar happened with S3? What if [either through runes or edited masteries] poppy could clear? And what if she could get enough gold to get her trinity before the 20 minute mark?
She'd be outragiously powerful! Poppy benefits from EVERY SINGLE STAT AND PASSIVE ON TRINITY FORCE.
In fact, I think she's one of only a few champs that scales pretty well with every single stat in the game [health is arguable but she does have that armor passive W]

We all remember the early days of our league-ing. Fearing the day tryndamere would walk in press R and pentakill.
Well he's likely been nerfed since you started playing. And he was put in a weak position.
What if riot buffed him? His kit is very volatile. Any change can make him broken OP or broken UP. His design is just naturaly incredibly hard to balance, and I do not envy the guys in charge of trying.

She is the more known of the potential "sleeper OP" champs. Her burst is fantastic, and all-in-all she is an incredibly good assassin compared to many others.
I'm really not sure why she isn't picked more often... maybe it's the stigma stagnating from "nerfed eve"?
I think her strengths lie in her spammable Q-farming skill, her massive manaregen, and her shield. [it's a bit strong in small skirmishes]
Her % damage scales well into late game, and her high AP ratio's are amazing during the mid game. Her early game just requires passive play... or at least it usually does. You can still lay a beating on insanely weak early game champs like veigar and maybe kassadin.
I'd say of all the champs I'm listing she's probably one of the "for sure" champs.

Nobody knows anything about this champion. Nobody ever plays him. I don't think there's been a trundle freeweek since... before I started playing.
There are no trundle buffs. No trundle nerfs. No trundle T-shirts or sales.
The only player I know that plays trundle EVER is stonewall. But even that was a while back. Trundle is something akin to karma. Maybe he's strong? Maybe he isn't? Maybe...?
Maybe season 3 is all he needs to kickstart some life into his rotting heart? And maybe he'll stomp people in top and jungle?
Or maybe he'll be built AP and nuke down carries?

Wait who? Oh right her.
Yea. Karma. She's actually more common than trundle but people joke about her never being played. From what I see she's a pretty decent caster with pretty darn good utility.
She could roll support, but she does need AP. So she would definately need a change in the meta to be a "pure blood" support.
Still, in the current meta she could definately lay some hurt on some unsuspecting people.

Some of these champs are already very strong. Some are just waiting for a buff to faceroll everyone. Some are so underpicked that nobody knows what they can actually do. But whatever the case, if me and my friend are right, we could be seeing a LOT more of them soon**

**soon is a registered trademark of Valve Corporation, makers of Team Fortress 2, The Half-Life series, and Portal. Use of soon[tm] without direct permission of Valve corp. or GABE N. is a violation of federal law. Violating a federal law may result in a fine of up to $250,000 or a 2 year prison sentance.

K Naoki 10-13-2012 10:15 AM

Very good points; I still feel a little fear when I see Trynd and Poppy, even though they are not often played or played well, and even considering nerfs. The past is hard to forget.

CaristinnQT 10-13-2012 10:43 AM


I'm really not sure why she isn't picked more often... maybe it's the stigma stagnating from "nerfed eve"?
Eve isn't picked often?


dude what. she is not sleeper what. she has one of the highest winrates out of any champion, one of the most popular, and was played by Alex Ich in the s2 WC

Friesguy 10-13-2012 11:10 AM

Morello has stated Karma is getting a re-work. He even made a very bad (or very awesome) pun about her.

Epsilon2012 10-13-2012 11:12 AM


Yea. Karma. She's actually more common than trundle but people joke about her never being played.
Nope...Karma is least picked, Trundle is the 9th least picked champ(past month).

And Eve isn't sleeper...just OP...was played a lot even before M5.

SovietBlade 10-13-2012 10:50 PM

Maybe it's my hidden elo range. But I've actually never seen a trundle in game aside from my friend building him troll-wizard, meanwhile I see a karma once every 10-20 games.
I don't see eve outside of the jungle in my hidden elo. And whenever people jungle eve, they usually don't do incredibly or build her with a hextech revolver into a gunblade late game [great item, but there is a better one for an assassin]

Sexual Healing 10-13-2012 11:00 PM

look up some vids and check some lolking stats.

SovietBlade 10-13-2012 11:04 PM

Well where's the fun in that? Me and my friend speak from personal experience.
Neither of us are heavy LoLking users or any other offsite like mobafire or solomid.net.

Fiveofswords 10-14-2012 12:35 AM

poppy is not a good jungler. Shes also not that great even with the tri-force...although her ult is interesting and maybe could get involved in some clever team strategy planning....maybe she could be a good anti-carry vs heavy AOE/cc comps Whether she is vulnerable in a lane or not isnt a big issue...the jungler always can and should cover gaps like that.

the only karma support ive ever seen couldnt resist farming my minions....which instantly makes karma the worst champ ever, i dont even care is she really is OP. If karma cant perform while sitting on her hands, then theres some serious general strategy problems.

tryndamere is a very strong champ. Lots of people know that...but lots of people dont play him.

anyway, its not about inidivudal champs...its also about how they fit in a team strategy...if you are talkign about pro-level. Innovation at pro level honestly seems somewhat slow...not sure why. Maybe its because too many champs keep coming out and the process is kinda overwhelming learnign them all

Rawrful 10-14-2012 09:47 AM

I'll give you Poppy as sleeper OP. Eve is played right now in tournaments, so she isn't 'sleeper' anything. Trynd is too easy to counter in a draft environment though not terrible, Trundle is a great counter pick and a solid champion in general.

Poppy's ultimate is utterly ridiculous. Ignite at level 18 on an ulted target does 574 true damage. After she has Deathfire/Lichbane/Deathcap, she can one shot pretty much anything in the game, MR or not. Alternately, she can instapop squishies that she hasn't ulted and keep dropping %damage nukes.

Oh, and even when she isn't ulting her passive makes her nie-unkillable.

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