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Dark Sativa 10-12-2012 02:59 AM

Every time I play Urgot
I got top lane, and he is a very dominant top lane presence. Zones and denies better than anyone. Scales great into late game with a triforce and his gamechanging ult. Boots/ 3 pots, flash TP, but it seems like just because he's an ugly "KILLME" lookin dude I get permacamped every game. I never push. If I attack a creep, it kills it, and nothing more. Every death is my side of the river. Aside from ganks, deny and harass are great and dominating.

Is it just being ugly that makes the other team want to kill you? I've played alot of other tops and never gotten camped like this. How do you counter having your lane permacamped? I've jungled a ton, if I see other team's jungler camping top I make sure to lock down dragon, but solo Q junglers dont' usually get it. Do you really have to get a ward at lv 1 and drop that fcker in the tribush or what? Or just assume that because I'm Urgot they're gonna camp me and farm from range with my Q and forget early dominance?

QQ Bro 10-12-2012 03:01 AM

short answer: it's easy kills. this is why noone plays urgot top lane. too easy to camp.

long anser: he relies on skillshots to do most of his damage, making him pretty easy to tower dive as he cant retaliate as easily as someone like irelia or jayce or jax or riven. hes also, like you said, a bully 1v1, so instead of letting their top laner get denied all game by urgot, junglers take the free kills and get their top laners ahead. he also lacks hard cc or escapes, making him even easier to target as a jungler. its the same reason morde isnt played top anymore, its just too easy to gank/kill him during the laning phase

Dark Sativa 10-12-2012 03:48 AM

Idk, if there aren't creeps around, or even at short range if he has a lock, like under a tower, he can do pretty monstrous damage. It's almost like having 2 autoattacks instead of 1, and if you ult the second they're under the tower you get 3 free tower shots and a giant resist buff. The problem is his slow a$$ crab legs getting to the tower. I think flash/ ghost is maybe the solution, forget TP. The only thing holding it back is the relentless ganks, add more escape to the deny and I think it'll be good.

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