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B11gD0gg 10-12-2012 02:57 AM

Early Lead- Resist Over Damage to Win Lane
I was contemplating with the recent knowledge into how resist works, would it be more cost effective or advantageous to in lane to build resist when you're beating your opponent, than building damage Pre-Level6.

Example: Top; Riven VS Tryndamere
2 kills and 1014 gold with tier1 boots
go back and finish tabi for 500g and get another cloth(later becoming GA) for 300g for a total of 43bonus armor on top of the average 37-50+ armor you may have from base+masteries/runes+perlvlbase

It's easy for me to remember 100 armor is 50% reduce attack damage modifier. so 80-90 armor is darn near close. even 40% reduce has to mean something up top vs minions and AD based top champs. question is does it outweigh going Damage route.. like just waiting until BF or getting 1 Dorians Blade.

I will be testing it, but i would like some ideas from those with more experience with this as well.

Kaoelith 10-12-2012 03:33 AM

most top lane champs do split damage not pure ad like a tryn, unless hes ap then lol gg.

items like hexdrinker help soften magic damage and still give decent damage as well making choice like that a good choice unless you have a jungler that is camping your lane for you to snowball like a boss.

for armor related, after ninja tabi you should already be around 50% reduction from the boots passive plus armor from runes and boots

if you really need armor though depending on your top champ you could go chain mail for a variety of items and just postpone them for later, such as glacial shroud, sunfire and ga. You could keep the chain mail for a while before you build the final item, exception being glacial shroud since it is too good to pass up really, but postpone FH.

B11gD0gg 10-12-2012 04:45 AM

Thank you for you input.
But this thread isn't about,

if you really need armor though...
, its more about can you use armor or MR as a snowball tool vs building damage. Things to consider getting certain defensive items like chainmail(700g) cost more than getting dmg items like Dorians Blade(475); Magic resist side, negatron(745) vs Dorians Ring. I am also talking early lead like 2-10 minutes in 10 being far reach...

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