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Lunaria 10-12-2012 01:24 AM

queuing as a 4 man premade should just be an instant 7 day ban
4 people bullying the **** out of someone and blaming every single thing that goes wrong the entire game on them and berating them repeatedly for it then group reporting them after game is about the worst thing this game has to offer.

Solo Only queue is so needed

Coriene 10-12-2012 01:40 AM

That's what bot games are. ;D

Cha0shift 10-12-2012 01:50 AM

I queue with 3 of my friends all the time, I don't ever have too much of a problem with the 5th we get. Sometimes you get that guy who finds out your a 4-man pre-made and trolls all 4 of you but that hasn't happened recently.

The Supreme Dirt 10-12-2012 02:12 AM

yes, premades are all that's wrong with the world
not like asking a team nicely if you and one person you're queueing with can have bottom lane and the other 3 go immediately into troll mode and lock adcs

Vineheart01 10-12-2012 02:25 AM

in my experience, with both sides of the premade, usually the berating is because the pub did something douchy the 4man hated. Usually:

1) Instalocked a hero and demanded a lane. This alone irritates 4mans because it throws their plan out of whack, but it makes them even more mad when you fail at what you demanded.

2) Trash talking. Unless you are CLEARLY carrying the game (which is rare to carry that hard) and you start talking like youre the only one that does anything right, the 4man will stab you in the back hardcore.

or 3) You feed either intentionally or you do a lot of very obviously stupid things to get killed, like diving 1v3+ even if you are a tank. Everyone does it once in awhile (Oops, yea that was dumb my bad) but if you get 6+ deaths to stupidity, they will hate you.

If you arent a dick and you actually pay SOME attention to the game so you dont do anything royally stupid, typically you wont have a problem. Yes theres those jackasses that they live to piss others off, but theyre pretty rare.

Welkowitz 10-12-2012 02:41 AM

Happened to me the other day. I went into solo queue and ended up jungling shyvana, I could tell some of my team was a premade from the way they were talking to each other. So I do the usual jungle thing, gank a few lanes, hold some and we're doing good.

I noticed no one was warding their lane and I was so far ahead in gold i bought a ward for each lane. Then our top started dying 1v1 despite being up 2-0. I tried to gank but he would engage and die before I could get there.

Their top lane was now fed and he started counter jungling me with thier jungler. I asked for help but no one came. And thats when the blaming started. "GG our jungler never ganks" "Can we trade junglers please?" "I haven't gotten one blue all game" "gg useless jungler".

I tried to defend myself and argue my points but I soon realized everyone was against me, even the 3-0 vayne whos 3 kills came directly from ganks. We started to fall behind as my team spent more time typing to me about how bad i was instead of actually playing.

I stopped talking in the hopes that they would move on and that we could still win, nothing they were saying was making any sense in the first place. our top lane was 2-7-0 while i was 1-1-6 but they were saying I was feeding.

After I became silence the blaming actually got worse. It became a game to them, every time a tower died or someone got killed they would type "Thanks shyv" "this shyv too heavy" or "this jungler sucks".
Eventually it became clear that we would lose, but the blaming did not stop. Top lane, mid, and even the support and AD carry were harassing me. We could not group up and while the team pushed the next turret, my team spent their time thinking up the next insult to throw at me.

They had made up their minds to report me and they managed to convince the other team to do so as well. I tried to type in all chat what was going on but they responding with "who are you going to believe 1 person or 4?" and with that I got at least 9 reports that game for doing nothing wrong. All thanks to a 4 man premade ganging up on me.

Uber Slay 10-12-2012 02:44 AM

Dude, i know your feels bro.

Today i in blindpick i called mid first then locked in (not instantly) then i tabbed out, next minute they are all screaming report and its an aram on my team. However the other team didn't want to troll like my team so we lost. All because they were mad i katarina'd even when i called it and everything

Termagaunt Hero 10-12-2012 02:47 AM

Meh, 9 man reports from due to a 4 man team won't get you banned. Summoners can read the chat log, and look at the scores. Usually they can tell if the player didn't deserve the report. I've been 9 man reported several times, due to 4 man teams, or they claimed to have done so, never got banned from that. I have three different irl friends who rage at teammates all the time, and berate them, all of them have been banned multiple times.

I trust the tribunal system actually.

IS13c7fafe7804f7429d10e 10-12-2012 02:59 AM

If they do anything that's reportable by normal standards just report them (Trash talking, negative attitude and all that jazz). If you really don't do anything wrong you'll be pardoned in tribunal anyway should you even get there because frequent report abusers don't have very good report weights. No, it's not a pleasant experience, but removing 4-mans because of it is not exactly a good solution, especially because 4 random people can gang up on you just as much. The consequence would be to remove chat altogether. Bad idea.

Also, just like a bad internet connection causing you to be reportend x9 for leaving, this issue does not happen a lot. And if it does, you can just duo or triple queue yourself. Or you let it be and get pardoned in tribunal. Your choice.

As for anything else...
It's a team game. If a team can push you into support and bot lane they can push you into AP Garen and penta bot lane/jungle. If they want to troll and you aren't willing to cooperate you're hurting the team. Does that suck? Hell yes, it does. But in LoL you get no say in what you do if your team does not agree with you.

Raptamei 10-12-2012 03:07 AM

I just threaten to leave, and if they continue to harrass me I leave but not before stating in all chat that I'm being harrassed by a premade of 4 people.

After all, in that case there are no good guys on my team anyway.

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