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Azellos 10-11-2012 05:37 PM

Ahri issues
Hey guys- i'm having some issues with playing Ahri. I often feel like her damage is very low for an ap mid, and i wonder if i might be building wrong?

I usually start boots, get 2 doran rings, then go rylai and then cap. Should i be doing that differently? I'm mostly feeling low damage around midgame, before i have a cap and after i have rylai.

lastchancexi 10-11-2012 05:46 PM

I think DFG or Athene's could be really strong on Ahri. In game 2 of CLG.EU vs Frost, Rapidstar rushed DFG which allowed him to roam and get kills and snowball. It really helps with your burst, and that's big for an assassin like Ahri.

Athene's is just really good on almost every mage that uses mana. DFG probably makes more sense though.

cpandarun 10-11-2012 09:15 PM

The reason you don't have a lot of damage mid game is because you get 2 Dorans then Rylais. Rylais is great for its utility but it's expensive and doesn't offer a lot of damage. If you're going to spend nearly 1k in early game boost in Dorans it's best to rush NLR and Deathcap afterwards because you want to capitalize on your strong early game with a big item for mid game. You can also go the DFG route which is very strong for Ahri. It allows her to easily 100-0 low mr targets mid game-late game. Athene's is allright but I wouldn't suggest it on most mids. Chalice gives great utility by itself and is cheap enough to squeeze in early where rushing Grail gives you some extra mr and 80 AP for nearly 2000 more gold.

For myself personally I usually rush a Giants Belt and/then Blasting Wand forgoing any Dorans and getting an early Rylais for ganking paired with Sorcerers shoes. If I get really fed I'll throw in Kages Lucky Pick. A mid game Ahri with tier 2 boots DFG and Rylais is a scary thing to have MIA.

All Hail Singed 10-12-2012 08:59 AM

I felt like i had this problem too until I changed my rune setup. Use ap/lvl marks and glyphs, maybe seals too if you feel that your positioning skills are good enough.

I build my boots first, then unholy grail -> rylais -> deathcap. Dont try to harass before about lvl 5, just sit and farm, and after about 10 minutes youll start dealing good damage, after 30 minutes the damage really gets going.

Even if you dont go for the item build, definitely try the rune setup, my ahri play improved instantly

Jalian 10-12-2012 09:26 AM

I start boots and go the two dorans as well, and then tend to go wota and deathcap. the trick to massive damage with her is landing the true damage, and maxing it out asap. you might want to look at their items/runes as well, it is possible they are stacking MR which would effect your damage output

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