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Urgot 10-11-2012 04:02 PM

Champion & Skin Sale: Crabdemic Continues!

Mutants run amok! Giant Enemy Crabgot has been sighted terrorizing Demacia on a lustful rampage. Brave champions must take up arms to rid Valoran of this dangerous monstrosity.

Rrrrrraaaaaaghhhhhhhhh! Puny mortals! Weeeeeaaaaaaklings. All shall fall before the might of my claws! A watery death is the only escape for those that challenge Giant Enemy Crabgot!

  • Volcanic Wukong brings his fire to the wrong fight! Extinnnnguuuuished! 487 RP
  • Tingly little lightning barely singes me! My claws will crack Battlecast Xerath wide open. 260 RP
  • Vandal Gragas’ feeble attempts to blast through my shell with watered-down booze are weak and pathetic. 487 RP

  • Tiny Ziggs and his childlike bombs only infuriate me more! RAAAAAGHHHHHHHHH! 487 RP
  • Malzahar thinks his Void powers scare me; this Voidling trembles in my presence. 487 RP
  • One last beauty to add to my collection – Janna commands a laughable breeze and is no match for my claws! 293 RP

Ksssssssssssssshhhhhhh… what is happening… What is that noise?! Clouds swelling… no! NOOOOOO! Janna’s healing Monsoon is bolstering these champions’ fortitude. You cannot subdue me. You cannot defeat me! RAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

As Giant Enemy Crabgot slinks into the sea, one less danger threatens the world… for now. It is only a matter of time before Crabgot returns to terrorize us all once more.

Savor this minor victory from October 12 to October 15 and fear the return of Giant Enemy Crabgot in Crabdemic II: Crabpocalypse!

Cmon In Dis Bush 10-11-2012 05:05 PM


Coreporeal 10-11-2012 05:05 PM


The Skin Sale Checklist (Post Update for 10/11/2012)
Originally Created by Shingo Monster.
Edited and Modified by Coreporeal.

This post has been created to inform potential skin buyers of the possibility of recently released skins that may be featured in an upcoming sale. Newly released skins may go on sale as early as three months after public release; however, this is all subject to change. With the exception of Limited-Edition and Legendary-status skins, every skin released before Apr. 18th has received a sale prior to the latest skin sale announcement, or has been placed in the "unofficial" skin sale Blacklist. The next sale may contain at least 1 skin from the list below.

■ Apr. 18: Blood Knight Hecarim (975 RP), Reaper Hecarim (975 RP), Warlord Shen (975 RP).
■ May 01: Frostblade Irelia (975 RP), Rune Wars Renekton (975 RP).
■ May 08: Blight Crystal Varus (975 RP).
■ May 23: Lord Darius (975 RP), Blackthorn Morgana (975 RP), Tyrant Swain (975 RP).
■ May 28: Sad Robot Amumu (975 RP), Darkflame Shyvana (975 RP).
■ May 30: Glaive Warrior Pantheon (975 RP).
■ June 06: Soul Reaver Draven (975 RP).
■ July 07: Full Metal Jayce (975 RP).
■ July 09: Panda Teemo, (975 RP), Augmented Singed (975 RP).
■ July 11: Glacial Malphite (975 RP), Foxfire Ahri (975 RP).
■ July 13: Scorched Earth Xerath (975 RP), Infernal Alistar (975 RP).

All skins not listed here have been placed on sale before, are currently on sale now or have just been announced to be going on sale in a couple of days. The only exceptions to these rules are either Limited-Edition or Legendary-status skins. "Blacklisted" skins are still eligible for skin sales.
With this in mind, it is advisable that you don't buy these skins unless you really want them NOW. (If that's the case, don't complain if you bought it and it happens to go on sale shortly afterwards).


Riot's "Unofficial" Skin Sale Blacklist
Section created by Coreporeal
These are the only skins that have been absent from any sales since their introduction during Season 2. Skins to be considered to be "blacklisted" have been released to the public for more than six months, and as of yet have not been featured on a sale. The reason for this is, as of yet, unknown.
Listed from the oldest to the most recent.
■ Jan. 10th, 2012: Dragonblade Talon (975 RP), Guqin Sona (975 RP), Jade Dragon Wukong (975 RP), Dragon Fist Lee Sin (975 RP).
■ Feb. 14th, 2012: Heartseeker Vayne (975 RP).
■ Mar. 20th, 2012: Bittersweet Lulu (975 RP), Wicked Lulu (975 RP).
■ Mar. 23rd, 2012: Jurassic Kog'Maw (975 RP).
■ Apr. 1st, 2012: Fisherman Fizz (975 RP).
■ Apr. 2nd, 2012: Mafia Graves (975 RP).
■ Apr. 6th, 2012: Battle Bunny Riven (975 RP).

Skin(s) no longer Blacklisted due to the latest skin sale announcement(s):Vandal Gragas (975 RP), released Mar. 2nd, 2012.

To view the skins you want before purchasing, along with other info, please visit the links below. Now featuring smilies! :D

League of Legends Skin Viewer
A helpful site which allows the user to view the in-game models of any skin, courtesy of Michael Nighingale.
Wanna know how that new Teemo skin looks in-game? Click here. :p

How to get a Champ's skin (w/screenshots) by EmissaryShadow.
EncasedShadow (at one point, a Riot employee himself) started this thread listing all champion skins, links to their in-game screenshots, and availability of the skins, as well as how they may be acquired. He currently keeps updating the thread via his alternate account, EmmisaryShadow. :)

Champion Rotation Info Thread by MistressHel.
Like a new skin... for a champion you've never played before? Wish you could test said champ before committing to a purchase? You could try it out when that champ gets placed in the free-week rotation.
Well, when will that happen, if it hasn't already? For that question, MistressHel's "Champion Rotation Info Thread" might have just the answer you seek. And if it doesn't, it may give you an idea as to when it might go into the free-week rotation.
Who knows? It couldn't hurt to look, now could it? ;)

Champion Sales History take #2 by Aestrivex.
Skins are always nice, but they can't be bought without purchasing the champion first. But what happens when that Champion you want costs a little too much in IP? An option is to wait for its RP sale.
Aestrivex is currently updating the thread regarding past Champion sales (which was first made by Eat Orange Be K), and has been doing a good job at keeping it up-to-date. Wait a minute... If Eat Orange got replaced by Aestrivex, does that mean I'll be replaced soon? :eek:

Champion Sales Thread by Woogan.
Woogan has gone ahead and created a Champion sales history thread on the EUW server. In case Aestrivex is not updating his thread, Woogan may be able to help out.
At least, that's the way it's supposed to be, right? :rolleyes:

Skin Sales Super-Thread by Coreporeal.
Have you ever looked at a skin sale and wondered, "Has my favorite champion skin ever gone on sale?"
Well, my Skin Sale Super-Thread may just answer that question, as it contains an extensive list of past skin sales, so you may formulate an idea as to when it may just go back on sale again. :o

All Skin Sales List by TheReap3r.
Want a little European flavor added to your search for your favorite skin's past sales? Moving to the EU servers and don't want to deal with the NA servers in any way, shape, or form? TheReap3r's got you covered in his thread, which follows a similar principle as mine, only that it's found in EU West forums.
But please, don't leave our server. We'll miss you! :(

Institute of War: The Chamber of Antiquity - (Lore Archives & Other Literary Works) by Sylph.
Sylph has put great effort into amassing a gargantuan mega-thread dedicated to any and all literal works pertaining to League of Legends; Champions, lore, judgements, and much, much more.
Please visit his thread and look around: The world of Runeterra awaits you...

...Okay, looks like it might take a while for new lore to develop. :mad:

iMyung 10-11-2012 05:05 PM

Wow Dat sale...

Explorer Ezreal, MD Kennen, or Frostblade Irelia for next sale please.

Unique Snowflake 10-11-2012 05:05 PM

Vandal Grag. Noice!

DomesticBananas 10-11-2012 05:06 PM


TheNutKickerHARD 10-11-2012 05:06 PM

I'll save my RP for another day

Zerglinator 10-11-2012 05:06 PM

Vandal Gragas and Ziggs. Ok.

league of kitten 10-11-2012 05:07 PM

Two nice skins, now if only the champions were worthy too.

Zheng 10-11-2012 05:07 PM

warlord shen next week plzz

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