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pentadragon 10-09-2012 10:44 PM

Next best champion to get
Hi guys,

I've got a lot of RP and I'm thinking what to get next. I thinking of getting Trydamere but I'm accepting any offers. I prefer AD carries.

Strghtflush 10-09-2012 11:13 PM

If you're going Melee ADC, yi is infinitely better, despite his lack of the temporary refusal to die. Honestly, the ranged ones are going to be your best choice. Like hands down. Can you list what AD carries you own?

pentadragon 10-11-2012 01:22 AM

AD champ list
I've got


Magus Crow 10-11-2012 02:05 AM

What exactly are you looking for in your ADC? Ez and Corki are probably the place that most people are going to point you. Fiora and Tryndamere (some would say Sion is a melee ADC as well) are the two melee ADCs that you are missing but both are relatively weak since they can be shut down so easily with a simple stun or exhaust.

Kog is free this week. Perhaps check him out and see if you like it? He's squishy as heck but if you can get him off the ground hes an amazing late game character.

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