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Old Man Eyebrows 10-09-2012 03:27 PM

RoG--How to See Hero, Kill Hero
Today on RoG I talk about how to See Hero, Kill Hero, what that phrase means and how to be like that yourself.


Great plays require great minds, but they are minds that stick the meta and item-buying decisions in their unconscious. That is, when Moscow 5 says "see hero, kill hero", they mean it. It sounds funny to us, but it's actually the truth.
Let me back up a bit and explain gradually. One of my favorite game series is Street Fighter, which I was introduced to over 20 years ago at arcades. It has obviously grown quite a bit since then with new Street Fighter games coming out even to this day. Before League of Legends came out, I was crazy about Street Fighter IV. I don't play it anymore, despite owning a stick and having a scene that could help me be better, but I still maintain my respect for the game and for the skills that it takes to be good at it.
Being good at Street Fighter is more complex than it sounds. To the outsider, you're just throwing fireballs at random and throwing stuff out whenever you feel like it, just doing whatever, and the best players are the ones that can do combos and perform the moves. High-level players and those that follow their level of play know that this is not true. High-level play involves knowing frame data, what move counters what move, which combos do the most damage, what every character is capable of, and how difficult the matchup is and why. Past that is a development of style, and knowing how to look your opponent in the eye and knowing what he's going to do, or reading him.

Sereg Anfaug 10-09-2012 03:34 PM

Sounds like someone trying to justify tunnel vision after they chased until they died.

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