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Azriel666 09-26-2010 11:40 PM

FIX THE LAG (Customer Demand)
Okay listen, Riot Games has produced one of the greatest games of all time. I gave up WOW and Starcraft 2 to play this for free B/C I'm poor. I love the game to death.

However, Riot, you need to fix your lagging ass client. It worked with minimal lag before these last few patches. Now me and everyone I talk with has to spend 10 seconds to type "LOL". You have plenty of good working features. Can you please fix the bugs?!?! You all write the code; do you ever play your game? It LAGGGGGSSS............

I'm starting a pole, as soon as I can figure out how to, that will be on who agrees that the PVP.NET Client LAGS BAD. Please vote honestly. I know it lags for the 8 people I've talked with.

You all have fun and keep playing away the days!

Blinx241 10-02-2010 12:03 AM

this game is awesome but it lags for me too i die so many times because it lags when too many champs get together.

Hashtag Iconic 10-11-2010 02:14 PM

I never lagged before today. All of a sudden I can't even play games because 2 seconds in i disconnect and can't play at all.

Stiggzz 10-11-2010 04:42 PM

He isn't talking about lag within the game itself. That is your internet, and you should probably check it out. He is talking about client lag, like in champ select when it takes 5-7 seconds to put in 1 talent point for my masteries, or when I type something and watch as the letters pop up one by one 10 seconds after I typed it.

Greek Bastard 10-11-2010 08:49 PM


Originally Posted by Dumbgeek
or when I type something and watch as the letters pop up one by one 10 seconds after I typed it.

^ This.

KRAKKER 10-11-2010 08:50 PM

i completely agree. yet i post a topic about this and i have not a single positive post....


tronclock 10-12-2010 12:21 AM


Originally Posted by KRAKKER (Hozzászólás 3399924)
i completely agree. yet i post a topic about this and i have not a single positive post....

Well yea that post was like a single sentance, undiscriptive complaint, not very post worthy.

Anyway in regards to the thread starter's actul proplem which was pvp lag not in game lag there was a thread a little ways back where i posted a helpfull comment ( i think )

check it out if ya want

spank3dy0u 10-14-2010 01:10 PM

Honestly i hate it, i lagg so much sometimes i get so frustrated to the point that i wanna break my computer screen bec i cant move from one spot to another..or click a certain spell i want to...like no other game laggs for me but this 1 serious fix it b4 i uninstall league of legends.

Caffran Dercius 04-13-2011 09:47 AM

First forum post ever here. Apologies for the wall of text. TL:DR? Server needs some love, it's degrading fast into unplayability over here.

I've had no problems with the client until the patch in which they released Lee Sin. Now the store takes roughly 3x as long to load (which is annoying as hell when you're screwing with all of your runes and have to jump in and out of store. On another unrelated note, why must store revert to it's main view every time you go to your profile?).

Since the same patch, I've had serious issues during matches that I can only attribute to changes server-side/networking.

The game functioned smoothly before, and now I am disconnecting and reconnecting mid game without any provocation, dying and not respawning (this occurred in my last game about 5-10min ago) - effectively turning the rest of the game into a bad black and white movie throughout which I can chat with the 'actors' albeit with a 10 second delay between posts.

This game turned movie really highlighted the 'wtf' elements of latency. Most of it became something like a visually detailed slideshow, during which both sides jumped insane distances, froze, jumped again, nuked the entire opposing team without them even visually arriving on scene, ju- and a tower with a delayed notification - jump, half a team dies again.

I appreciate that this game is becoming more heavily populated, however this must have been foreseen and planned for, surely. League of Legends is a great game that I have spent (semi, completely and not at all drunk) weekends playing with good mates. Lately however, we've all been disconnected, or not been able to log in at all, and it's increasingly difficult to play a full game, stay logged in, and even log in at all.

Nothing has changed on our side. Hopefully, this'll be fixed and squared away before something else comes along, and LoL is left behind and forgotten in favor of a functional game.

SumAussieCobber 04-13-2011 09:56 AM

Just played 3 games with some BS lagg rang my ISP nothing wrong with there's or mine.. So why did i have 3 games of playing pax jax with ping of 223 and couldnt move for over 10-15 seconds..? anybody else getn that lagg?

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