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RiotBamDragon 10-08-2012 08:41 PM

Riot 3KnuckleFist stream is live!
Riot Team streaming now!!! Come hangout with us, Q&A session, and interaction with you all.


NomZrawr 10-08-2012 08:41 PM


Kittycrusher 10-08-2012 08:42 PM

that would be funny if you guys played starcraft together

The Bravo Ray 10-08-2012 08:43 PM

Yeah Yeah..The right stuff!!!

GettotheChopper 10-08-2012 08:44 PM

Go at it

The Red Witch 10-08-2012 08:44 PM


ohmikegoodness 10-08-2012 08:45 PM

fun time!

IronStylus 10-08-2012 08:45 PM

This is now a thing.

Karolina 10-08-2012 08:45 PM

And I was gonna go to bed !
Change of plans (-●ω●)

RiotPastaBomb 10-08-2012 08:46 PM

things are officially happening.

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