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soulxshift 10-08-2012 03:30 PM

thoughts about a new dubble jungle meta
I have been playing a lot of jungle and support as of late and i have started using my support runes on my jungle. I started doing this when i noticed that i was spending 40% of my time ganking and 20% of my time clearing wards and 10% of my time donating buffs, that means that 70% of the time i am not earning gold other than what i get from gold generation.

this weekend i watch a game where DIG was doing the old meta with a roaming Taric.

this made me think, why don't we just have 2 jungles that both run gold per 10 runes and masteries ( i get 7 gper10 from my runes and masteries ).

so here is what i am thinking you take a tradisional support champion that has some sort of cc (Leona, Taric, Blitzcrank ect..) and give them flash/teleport or flash/exhaust. have 1 jungle start small golems with the ad carry then donate red to the ad carry take wraiths and look for ganks the other jungle starts wolfs blue and looks for ganks.

because your support/jungle is giving red to the ad carry there is no reason for the jungle to have smite and teleport would work a lot better to help with counter ganks

I did this 1 game as Skarner with a Blitzcrank we both got level 2 then ganked mid while mid was still level 1 got us frist blood without burning any summoners and gave both me and blitz an assist, soon after their jungle was ganking our top i was close by and blitz teleported to a ward we got our top a dubble kill and we both went back to buy by 6 min into the game the score was 3/0everyone on my team was level 6 while the other team was only level 4 the game only went 20 min but every time the other jungle went to gank a lane we had 1 of our junglers close by and sometimes we also had a teleport, we also had so much pressure mid that their mid laner was only at 60 cs by the 20 min mark reguardless of her only dieing 2 times during the whole 20 min (she was not able to move out from under tower and it seemed like her only farm was coming from their jungle.

the only problem i see with it is if you cant get any good ganks but i think it would still work out because of the pressure u are adding to the lanes and the ammount of counter jungleing you can do while still running counter ganks, if nothing els you basicly take their jungler out of the game

TLDR: No Lane Can Survive A Blitzcrank/Maoki level 2 Gank

Amatzikahni 10-08-2012 04:13 PM


Originally Posted by soulxshift (Hozzászólás 30029361)
long run-on sentence example

That's great that it worked in one game for you. I read a little bit about the tournament going on, and the reason that they put the AD mid was because 1v2 bot would leave the AD completely zoned and worthless by the midgame. What I read from there was that they should have put the support with the AD mid instead of continuing to roam because they weren't getting any good ganks off. It can take teams by surprise, but the only champion that matters lategame is your AD carry so you need to make sure that he is well farmed and not missing CS due to zoning. I personally continue to do support+AD bottom since you can easily freefarm the lane while avoiding most harass/gank difficulties that the other lanes face.

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