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ObsidianNight 10-07-2012 07:40 PM

Need help as Jayce vs Fiora
This is the only champion that consistently beats me every game as jayce top even though ppl keep telling me i counter her. Need some ideas on what to do. Ive tried starting with cloth armor and it still doesnt work. Her Q just wares me down way to much, and with her W once she gets lifesteal I cant seem to keep up.

Goaticus Maximus 10-07-2012 07:51 PM

Fiora has a massive AD steroid and she gets to return one attack, but she doesn't have any form of range attack and this is why you " counter " her. When you are in ranged stance you can easily harass her outside of her range and she has no option but to wait for her shield to be up or to spend all her mana trying to cs.

I can only assume you aren't being aggressive early in ranged stance, this is when you will make up for her insane tower diving ability. It's just like riven, you have to shut her down early or you are letting her slide on the weakest part of her play. I would suggest getting boots and 3 pts, and lots of armor runes / masteries. This will allow you to survive any attempts to bully you early and then once you have harassed her she wont be able to maintain her survivability and will be forced to go GP/10 and play passive.

Make sure you constantly use your W to make your pokes extra effective and punish her every cs she tries to get. Worst case scenario, she goes cloth and 5 pots and manages to bully you enough to burn your 3 pots before her 5 then you need to spam like crazy for your jungle to come assist and make the best of it.

Remember to buy wards so that when you do force her to play more passive, she doesn't snowball by getting a gank from her jungler.

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ObsidianNight 10-07-2012 09:00 PM

thx for the reply, I thought that might be the issue. I guess my first cpl of times I didn't play aggressive enough early and then it was like, oh **** she hurts. So since then I've gone passive trying to tower hug, causing the same issue. Ill try this out next time.

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